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Cali Sherbet

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Cali Sherbet


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Cali Sherbet is the love child of the most successful Californian strain of modern times, the Girl Scout Cookies and the wonderfully named Pink Panties, an indica strong Purple variety favoured in the Bay Area with a superb Blackberry pie flavour. The Blackberry pie flavour carries over into Cali Sherbet but combined with a sweet bubblegum taste, a super sweet and sticky lady which will delight your taste buds. Cali Sherbet is famed for her high levels of THC and a full-bodied, cerebral and euphoric high, but also for her many medicinal advantages in treating conditions not limited to but including ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, inflammation, asthma and is also a great aid to weight loss as she suppresses your appetite. Under the influence of this lady, you will feel invigorated, more focused and creative and your drive to succeed will increase substantially. A great strain for those with an artistic nature, especially musicians wanting to delve into a deeper understanding and appreciation of their work.
So kick back, light one up and relax as the receptors in your brain fire you gently into a state of euphoric bliss and relaxation.

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1 Seed, 5 Seeds

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BSB Genetics

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Flowering Time

7-9 weeks

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