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LSD Ultra


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Our LSD Ultra has been a popular choice amongst those looking for old school goodness with modern day high levels of THC and monstrous yields.
She is a very easy to grow variety offering excellent levels of resistance to mould and pests. Therefor she is a perfect choice also for the inexperienced grower.
She is a short squat indica which has minimal stretch during the flowering period making her suited to more discreet grows or grows in restricted spaces.
LSD Ultra’s influences however are far from old school, she has mind warningly powerful effects so intense she leaves you in a deep state of relaxation coupled with long lasting euphoric bliss.
Due to her relaxing properties LSD Ultra is the perfect strain for night time relaxation, pain relief and for helping with sleep.
As is common with many cannabis varieties LSD Ultra will treat you with all the citric flavour of a freshly squeezed lemon, the sweetness of a juicy fresh pineapple and well balanced out with undertones of an earthy nature.
LSD Ultra therefore ticks all the right boxes, a great commercial strain due to huge yields in a fast time, enough THC to keep even the most hardened consumer happy and a great flavour profile. On top of that she is a great late evening time medicinal option due to her high Indica levels.

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1 Seed, 5 Seeds

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BSB Genetics

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9 weeks

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