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Anesia Seeds

What is there to say about Anesia Seeds? A relative infant in terms of the inception of their company, the knowledge and passion of Martin and his team are anything but new – it’s as deeply-rooted as they come, and it’s so readily apparent in every single wonderful strain they magic into existence. Bursting onto the scene with ballsy strains that boasted almost inconceivable THC profiles, they were derided and declared false prophets in many corners. Their response was unwavering: everything we say is true, and we invite you to try it for yourself. And the thing was, once people did start trying it for themselves, there was no turning back. We can’t think of a company that is as destined for superstardom as Anesia Seeds, and we’re glad to have been on the come-up – we highly suggest you get on this train as soon as you can, too.

Anesia Seeds

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