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Bruce Banner #3

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Bruce Banner #3


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Bruce Banner #3 has arrived, and he’s here to stay! Introduced to our collection in February 2018 Bruce quickly became our #1 selling seed muscling our mighty Gorilla Glue #4 out of the way due to his immense size and colossus strength. Bruce is a 100% feminised strain yes, but we dare not call him “her”, so bare with us through this description of our strongest and scariest variety.

Weighing in at a whopping 600gm2 Bruce Banner #3 becomes our largest “combined” yielding & THC producing variety dwarfing the yields of all our other super strong THC producing strains such as Cali Cookies (28%), Gorilla Glue #4 (>31%) & Cali Sour Diesel (27%).

With THC levels up to 32% this “strongest strain on earth” hybrid of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush will flower in just 9-10 weeks making him a super commercial variety with the quality that a connoisseur smoker would be immensely proud of combined with huge yields and potency and resin production off the charts capable of totally Hulk smashing even the most experienced of smokers.

Originating in Colorado it has been a long wait for us to finally get our hands on this legendary strain which took the world by storm and kept our phone ringing off the hook! For the buds at dispensaries across Colorado those with the munchies for Bruce Banner #3 would have to join a waiting list such is his popularity.

Bruce Banner #3 His Strawberry Diesel parentage is the first thing that will hit you with a powerful Diesel aroma and sweet undertones and upon consumption Bruce’s superior flavour will overwhelm you.

However the main feature of Bruce Banner #3 is one that is not noted in the stats, he produces a magnificent uplifting high that just keeps users begging for more, an out of this world euphoria that only the strongest strain on earth can produce. So what you waiting for? Not got the balls? We won’t hold it against you! But if you have then don’t let Bruce take control of you on the night as he will not let you rest, he is a superior and intensly strong sativa and he will not relinquish his superior grip on your body and sole for many hours.

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1 Seed, 5 Seeds

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BSB Genetics

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8-10 weeks

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