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Vanilla Frosting

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Vanilla Frosting


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The quality of any strain can be measured by the trichome coverage she produces. Our Vanilla Frosting produces an intensely thick wintery blanket of trichomes somewhat resembling a winter wonderland, one of the most frosty THC rich strains about. Fans of our Gelato will really appreciate Vanilla Frosting, she contains all the potency of her parent but now weighs in significantly heavier with a higher THC output.

Her weight is easily accommodated for by strong trunk-like stalks produced during a vigorous growth cycle which will see her packing out all your available space with ease. Her effects are a very well balanced combination of body relaxation and increased mental energy and awareness. She is also an appetite enhancer, the munchies are never far away and her vanilla and fuel flavours will keep you wanting for more. Inexperienced users should beware, she is an incredibly potent variety and will very easily leave you flat on your ass if you are not accustomed to higher levels of THC.

Medicinal users will enjoy chronic pain relief, the release of all their stresses and an increased appetite for weight gain. She produces heavily resinous shimmering buds and some plants will develop Purple hi-lights like her Gelato parent.

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Pack Size

1 Seed, 5 Seeds

Seed Bank

BSB Genetics

Flowering Type



Flowering Time

9-10 weeks

THC Content



, ,


Medicinal, Pain Relieving

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