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Five Alive


Five Alive is a sweet & juicy 3 way crossing of old school Bubblegum, Orange Juice and Grape Pie.

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Five Alive is a sweet & juicy 3 way crossing of old school Bubblegum, Orange Juice and Grape Pie.
Prepare for a mouth watering cocktail of delight as your taste buds are lit up by powerful sweet & citric blasts of lime, orange juice, lemon & grapefruit. This is the perfect girl for those striving for the most elite flavour packed buds around.
During flowering phase Five Alive will produce rock hard, compact and dense buds with a beautiful sugar frosted THC rich coating and reaches up to around 1 meter tall.
She is a well documented girl perfectly suited to those looking for an extremely pleasant head high, heightened moods and positivity with increased levels of energy.

Her buds are reminiscent of a packet of Refreshers, shades of Pink’s, Purple’s, Orange’s and Green’s throughout while her terpene rich profile lights up the room as soon as a nug is cracked open with delicious tropical vibes.

A 2022 offering from BSB Genetics who should entice the old school connoisseurs out there looking for something to remind them of yesteryear while providing all the potency and THC a 2020’s flavour chaser desires.



The primary terpene in Five Alive is Beta-Myrcene. Several studies have found that this terpene could be effective against different types of cancer. Beta-Myrcene has also been found to have Anticonvulsant, Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Sedative, Muscle Relaxing and Pain Relieving effects.

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8-10 weeks

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