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Panama x Bangi Haze

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Panama x Bangi Haze


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Panama x Bangi Haze combines our best and most balanced parental of both varieties, sativa hybrids already classic and deeply worked in by themselves, that when unite explode thanks to the hybrid vigor, combining their best features in this highly refined F1 hybrid between sativas center American and African, who practically have it all. Excellent structure, strong bearing, very vigorous, branched, and manageable size. With good cultivation conditions, the floral density is very good; And the production of both flowers and resins is very high. Consistently producing plants with THC levels around 20%. Profile of terpenos de sativa very complex: floral, musky and alimonado, with incense, carrot, anise … Which combines the best sativa aromas of Africa and Central America. Very complex sativa effect: psychedelic, euphoric, creative and crazy, as well as dreamy. Very good quality and long-lasting. Undoubtedly one of the best F1 sativa hybrids we have produced in the last 3 years among our most classic varieties. Limited edition feminised available while stock.

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as well as dreamy. Very good quality and long lasting., creative and crazy, Euphoric, Very complex sativa effect: psychedelic

Flowering Time

10-11 weeks


Mostly Sativa



THC Content

High/Very – 15-23%



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