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Top Five Strains From Expert Seeds

Expert Seeds recognises the power of collaboration, diverse viewpoints, and shared knowledge. This ethos is the foundation of Expert Seeds, which sought to corral various different masters from various different places into one cannabis seed melting pot. Powered by burning passion for cannabis cultivation, their M.O. is simple, refined: ‘We focus and specialise in the selective breeding of the world’s most famous strains’. Operating under the belief that there is always room for iterative improvement, the mad scientists at Expert Seeds sniff out the hottest, most enduring strains and seek to improve them even further. Whether that be the smell, taste profile, strength, THC and CBD levels, medicinal benefits and even aesthetics, Expert Seeds aims to improve the already iconic. And the wild thing is that they somehow manage to do this, time and time again.

In honour of the consistently brilliant output, we’ve put together our top must-try strains from the geniuses over at Expert Seeds. In it you’ll find a variety of strains, from sativas to indicas to high yielders and short flowerers. The only constant between them is the level of quality.

1. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze

Sativa dominant strains offer a lot of benefits, and our favourite of those is a general enhancement in mental clarity. And while this can vary in efficacy across sativa genetics, Amnesia Haze is a shining of example of this comparative strength. Its high is one that seems to imbue you with added oomph, a bit of intellectual chutzpah, a sudden dash of ‘let’s get shit done’. It can work wonders for creativity, allowing you to tap into hitherto unreached reservoirs of inspiration, and offers sustained periods of concentration and productivity. While the effect is worth shouting about from the heavens, Amnesia Haze still has more to offer. Quick to flower, with a surprisingly high yield potential, she’s a great option for beginner growers and those of a more experienced ilk too.

2. Cheese 


An icon of the United Kingdom cannabis scene, Cheese exploded into near-instant popularity over 20 years ago, and it hasn’t looked back since. Renowned for its intoxicatingly noxious aroma, walking around with a good batch of sniffer-dog-summoning Cheese in your front jean pocket was a risk that many were willing to take. It’s not hard to see why, especially with the surprisingly idiosyncratic Expert Seeds version. It ticks boxes that most people will need checked; high THC content, high yield, decent flowering time. Its sativa genetics produce an invigorating high, making the most of its THC content. But let’s be real, those searching for Cheese need to hear the confirmation of one thing, and one thing only: yes, it fucking stinks. In that O.G. way, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

3. Chemdog Gorilla

Chemdog Gorilla

Chemdog Gorilla does a lot of things really bloody well. While many strains pride themselves on hitting one characteristic with force, Chemdog Gorilla manages to touch a lot of bases in one fell swing. Its stunning versatility is apparent in its solid yield, even solid-er THC content of 21%, and its decent flowering time. While there are strains on this list that do better at hitting individual points of value, we’d argue that Chemdog takes the cake for doing them all to a specific level. Our favourite thing about this strain, however, sits in its bevy of medicinal benefits. This list includes, but is not limited to, potential treatment of ailments such as poor appetite, ADHD, depression, insomnia, and even pain relief.

4. Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese

With award-winning parentage in Blueberry and the storied, iconic lineage of Cheese, Blue Cheese had some absolutely astronomical boots to fill. Somehow Expert Seeds manages to do this, though considering their track record, we shouldn’t really be that surprised. Building on the strengths of its forbears, Blue Cheese carves out its own identity, isolating and then combining the respective strengths of each into something new and fresh. Its high THC content and bountiful yield are immediate standouts, but the effect is just as noteworthy, ably melding the highs of its parents together into wonderful, indica-dominant bliss.

5. Critical Gorilla 

Critical Gorilla

A crown jewel in Expert Seeds glittering portfolio, Critical Gorilla drew us in with its short flowering time and solid yield, but had us staying for dessert after we realised everything else it had to offer. That’s not to say those initial draws get overshadowed; 7-8 weeks flowering time will always be a standout; just that there is so much more to this plant than we initially realised. Its indica dominant high is perfect for a melt-into-the-couch evening, and the actual act of smoking it (a characteristic which is sometimes overlooked) is a joy, with lip-smacking notes of candy-sweetness. Throw in myriad potential medicinal benefits (chief among those the possibility of improved bone density) and you’ve got yourself a keeper.

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of what we consider to be the best Expert Seeds strains in the biz. Do you think we’ve missed any out? Comment below with what you’d take out and put in.

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