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Expert Seeds

Promotion: 2 free seeds with every 3 pack, 3 free seeds with every 5 pack, 5 free seeds with every 10 pack, 7 free seeds with every 15 pack

With Expert Seeds, the clue (as you'd expect) is very much in the name. Their pedigree is proven, and then some – they have a range of autos, fems, indicas, sativas, US strains, CBD beauties that is extremely hard to beat. But one of the things we really like about the folks over there is that their hard-line expertise isn't all they have going for them – you can tell its passion that drives them. With an ultimate aim of taking classic and award winning strains, and trying to improve them by focusing on a variety of attributes, their status as a premier grower is well earned. With a focus on producing seeds only via the most organic methods, you can be sure their produce will be free of some of the nastiness you might otherwise find. Put your trust in Expert Seeds. They really know what they're doing.

Expert Seeds

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