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The Best New Autoflowering Seeds For September

There’s nothing like a good auto. Yes, regular’s have their benefits, and many of the most iconic strains of all time are straight fems – but the ease and precision afforded by their autoflowering brethren means they’ve developed a dogged following. We see a constant influx of new autos coming through the store, and whenever that happens, we like to pinpoint our best of the bunch. If you think we’ve missed anything out, or if you think we’re missing something on our site altogether, let us know down in the comments.

1. Purple Punch Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds

Purple Punch Automatic

Purple Punch Automatic is a beauty in a myriad of ways. She’s known for reliable hardy growing traits, a gorgeous 19% THC level and a rooted-to-the-spot high that goes with it, and a lip-smacking sweet taste profile. Obviously, we can’t get away from the fact that she’s absolutely gorgeous too – beautiful purple undercurrents beef up the vibrant buds you can expect from an easy grow. Her indica dominant traits mean you should get a good idea of the type of high to expect, but we can assure you you’ll still find something to be surprised by with this autoflowering gem.

2. Do-Si-Dos Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds

Do-Si-Dos Automatic

The world is busy. We’re busy, the world is busy, and we’ll go out on a limb to suggest you’re busy too. As such, we’re very cognisant of your time, or lack thereof, and that informs our next pick (and all of the autos on this list, and the relative growing bliss they provide). Do-Si-Dos Automatic, apart from having a storied lineage, is a timesaver. Timesaver in the sense that her short flowering time means you’ll go from seed to harvest quickly. Timesaver in that her bountiful yield ensures you’ll get more bang for your buck. Timesaver in the sense that you won’t have to spend time worrying about the strength or efficacy of this plant; it really is a doozy.

3. Auto Sweet Critical by OO Seeds

Auto Sweet Critical

00 Seeds, it’s fair to say, know what they’re doing – especially with autos. After cultivating (pun intended) a brand based on offering the very best autoflowering and feminised genetics possible, it’s now easy to pick from their wares with comfort and security. The ironic thing is it can sometimes make picking through said wares a struggle. While you can’t go wrong with anything in their range, we’re really enjoying Auto Sweet Critical at the moment. It’s got a good flowering time, a solid yield, and an intense, sweet taste that will help define your summer. Hard recommend from the Chosen Seeds family.

4. Candied Satsuma Auto by Yieldmonger Seeds

Candied Satsuma Auto

We’re big fans of Yieldmonger Seeds’ compact, value-packed range, as you can probably tell by them being our seed bank of the month and our introductory blog. Candied Satsuma Auto is a clear indicator of why we enjoy their product so much. A big and beefy auto that delivers a one-two punch of high THC and a high yield (a staple of their range) you’ll also be challenged and surprise by the invigorating, racing euphoric effect the smoke brings, along with the as-t0-be-expected mouthwatering fruity taste. A citrusy jewel in a stacked line-up, Candied Satsuma Auto is an automatic-consider if you’re on the hunt for a plant of this variety.

5. Waist Deep Auto by Heavyweight Seeds

Waist Deep Auto

Waist Deep Auto by messrs Heavyweight Seeds is a standout gem. Apart from having great visuals and a subtle, unexpectedly spicy taste and aroma profile, she ticks all the boxes you’d hope were ticked when looking for an auto. She’s a simple grow that is accessible to all experience levels, with a short flowering time to boot. You don’t sacrifice yield or potency with that reduction in growing hassle, however, which is an automatic win. In many ways a simple plant that does what it says on the tin, it’s everything you’re likely looking for when it comes to shopping for an auto to take back to a loving home.

For our full list of autos, check out this link.

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