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Introducing Yieldmonger Seeds blog image

Introducing: Yieldmonger Seeds

Yieldmonger Seeds Have Some Big Ideas

The mission statement from the folks over at Yieldmonger Seeds is direct, devoid of pomp and bravado, and gets straight to the (extremely exciting point). Self-billed as a ‘long-lasting collaboration of professional breeders and cannabis experts from Europe and the USA’, they have two main objectives.

  1. To track down and secure the best cannabis genetics
  2. To breed those elusive genetics with an aim to producing consistently increased yield

They keep it short and simple because they understand that in the world of cannabis genetics, you can either do a a few things extremely well or lots of things to an OK level. And those two bullets are things that we can confirm are done extremely well on their end. Specialists are arguably the most important type of breeder in the sometimes overwhelming world of cannabis seeds; there’s something so zen-inducing about being able to search for strains knowing exactly what to expect, secure in the understanding that there will be a guaranteed level of quality involved there too. Yieldmonger Seeds dons that lofty status comfortably.

More Than A Lot

A picture of Girl Scout Gelato by Yieldmonger Seeds
Girl Scout Gelato by Yieldmonger Seeds

As the ancient smoker’s proverb goes, ‘come for the high yield, stay for the high’. So it goes with Yieldmonger’s range, which of course prides itself on the bounty you can expect, but also boasts a range of other features that are worth the price of admission alone. One that excites us considerably is the high packed into each unique strain. Take Girl Scout Gelato, for example, with it’s mind-melting THC levels of 28%. It’s not just powerful, though – the smoke of each strain is refined and distinct, offering different subtleties in both mind and body.

Girl Scout Gelato’s head high will have you feeling distinctly euphoric, and even has psychedelic flavourings to it. Turbo Zkittlez features a sativa / indica blend that challenges what you would usually expect from a hybrid, while still boasting THC levels of 25%. Mother Ape Shit Auto has a stimulatory quality to it, perfect when long bouts of concentration are needed. And Bear Gorilla will put you on your goddam ass with its positively brolic 30% THC content.

Automatically Interesting

Fat Caramel Auto by Yieldmonger Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are arguably the most in demand type of cannabis seed in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. Their ease of grow widens the pool of people that can get their fingers sticky (not like that, you swine) considerably. And yet, it’s hard to do an auto well. To be fair, it doesn’t seem like Yieldmonger Seeds found that to be the case. Their first swing at autoflowering genetics is what we’d consider a home-run, churning out a trio of strains that we think will take their place in the pantheon.

The aforementioned Mother Ape Shit Auto throws out consistent levels of 25% THC (and sometimes more!) which is fantastic for an auto. Candied Satsuma Auto is a mostly sativa gem with a slightly more modest (yet still impressive) 18-23% THC level, packing sweet-tooth sating taste profile and a relaxing, happiness-inducing high. Rounding out the holy triumvirate is Fat Caramel Auto, our personal favourite: an auto with sticky, heavy, scintillating buds that delivers big on yield like the rest of her stablemates.

The Importance Of Aesthetics (OK, We’re Shallow As Fuck)

Considering the abundance of quality that runs through these genetics in terms of yield, effect, taste, and more, it might seem kind of irrelevant to point out the fact that they’re all so pretty. The fluffy buds of Bear Gorilla flecked with orange, the dark, mysterious, but ultimately inviting shades of Fat Caramel Auto, the deeper, purple tinged nugs of Girl Scout Gelato. It’s an unnecessary luxury that rounds out what is a phenomenally stellar freshman line-up. I mean, just look at this:

We’re in love.

We’re extremely happy to have Yieldmonger Seeds on our website and hope you guys will be too. Check out the rest of their range here.

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