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Golden Tiger

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Golden Tiger


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We have found the last seed lot of the original Golden Tiger F1 standard hybrid in our preservation fridge. This will be the last chance to get the original F1 generation in seed form of this amazing sativa hybrid. Seeds are old, but we have done a germination test recently and we have had around 60 % germination rate. That’s why we offer 25 standard seeds for the same price to guarantee the growers will have at least 10 strong and healthy plants from every pack. Golden Tiger is one of the most powerful and interesting sativa hybrids we have developed. It’s a straight F1 hybrid derived from the ‘killer’ Malawi mother and a selected Hmong Thai male. Hmong Thai is an exceptional highland Thai selected by Cannabiogen. In this hybrid, we have combined the 2 most potent and resinous landrace sativas we have ever worked with. The result is a plant with great vegetative strength, remarkable for its overpowering potency and its exceptional floral traits. The flower bunches flare over forming dense buds with small leaves. The trichomes are big, plentiful and loaded with powerful cannabinoids.

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10-14 weeks


Koh Chang Thai, Hmong Thai, Old Malawi Killer, 3rd Generation Male





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