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Malawi x Panama

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Malawi x Panama


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Malawi and Panama are probably the 2 best sativa and most worked in our catalog. Malawi x Panama is a direct hybrid between old Malawi killer and the most refined and modern Panama Goddess of the 10th generation. Creating a hybrid F1 100% sativa that combines excellent sativa genetics from the center of Africa and America. In this F1, Malawi dominates with its structure and character, producing vigorous, resistant sativas that carry to the limit the best floral qualities of killer Malawis: plants ultra resinadas, of dense flowers and excessive power. Trippy, complex, localized and introverted effect. Mentally and physically very deep and of very long duration. Only for sativa travelers harder and more experienced. While the sister line of Panama x Malawi offers more productive plants and more refined terpenes, it is undoubtedly in Malawi x Panama that we find the most potent and resinous F1 specimens among these 2 varieties. Malawi x Panama F1 consistently produces THC concentrations between 20 and 25%. Since 2013, we have been carrying out different F1s hybrids and different genetic combinations between elite parents between Malawi and Panama, in order to find hybrids that combine and improve the excellent qualities that already have these excellent sativas, increasing in these new hybrids F1s still More vigor, ease of cultivation, potency, resin production, complexity of effects and terpenes, versatility and better acceptance of nutrients.

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and introverted effect of excessive power. Mentally and physically very deep and of very long duration., complex, Trippy

Flowering Time

10-12 weeks


Old Malawi Assassin x Panama Goddess



THC Content

Very High – 20-25%



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