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Cali SFV OG is the perfect strain if you are looking to medicate yet still want to be able to get up and go about your day. She will give you a high level of pain relief but won’t leave you locked to the couch.

Other medicinal properties she’s ideal for are her effects at relieving stress & depression and can be used to increase appetite as well as reduce muscle spasms. She is a sativa dominant hybrid of pure OG Kush parents with her roots, as the name suggests, firmly embedded in the San Fernando Valley area of California.
Cali SFV OG is the original and pure SFV OG, try not to get her mixed up with the SFV OG Kush? which is a hybrid resulting from SFV OG crossed with an Afghani plant.

Cali SFV OG won’t pack on the pounds during flowering, but what she lacks in yield and size she more than makes up for in quality and odour. She requires a warm dry climate and will perform best when allowed the space to grow rather than being confined within a pot.

She will produce a very pungent pine & citric earthiness aroma which when smoked can be pretty bitter and harsh making her better suited for vaporisation unless you have a tendency for bitterness and can cope with the harshness. Her sativa hazy head high effects will soon give way to a mellowed out indica body buzz, it just means every little thing, it’s gonna feel alright, so don’t worry, and medicate right.

With Cali SFV OG we recommend you consume plenty of water as she has a tendency to leave you with a dry mouth and dry eyes. Paranoia, dizziness and headaches are extremely rare with this variety, again an excellent choice for those looking to medicate and get on with their day. There are Four known phenotypes, Three of which are sativa dominant with the Fourth being an indica dominant variety based on her effects.

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