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Picking The Best Of Tastebudz’ Mouthwatering Genetics

Tastebudz are a Chosen Seeds favourite for many reasons; first and probably foremost, they produce startlingly high quality product at a startlingly consistent rate. They ooze passion and know-how, and are the very antithesis of doing something just for the money – they genuinely love what they do. The thing we admire most about them though is their devotion to refining and perfecting one aspect of cannabis seeds that is quite often overlooked – the taste. How many times have you smoked something that smells great, looks dank and feels kosher, only to be hit with an acrid, milk-gone-sour tasting experience? You don’t get that problem with Tastebudz genetics, and even better, it doesn’t come at the cost of anything else. Each strain passes the eye test, invigorates the nostrils and hits you with a variety of subtle to ‘I need to take a seat’ highs. But it’s all topped off by that unmistakeable, distinct taste.

1 vanilla frosting auto

Vanilla Frosting Auto

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Vanilla Frosting Auto is an auto-recommend. Packed with a delicate vanilla aroma, taking a whiff is not unlike walking into a local bakery. A cross between Sugar Sherbert and Gelato Auto, the quality of this strain goes beyond its satisfying taste profile, offering a calming, euphoric high to accompany the vanilla burst. 

2 peanut butter cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies

An inspired mix between OG Kush Breath and the legendary Do-Si-Dos, Peanut Butter Cookies prides itself on a genuinely mind-melting high, while also boasting medicinal properties that could help treat insomnia, stress, and chronic pain. Though the other standout feature has to be the distinct and noticeable layer of nuttiness whenever you inhale.

3 purple punch auto

Purple Punch Auto

Fast-flowering, good-yielding, looks amazing and of course, tastes abso-fuckin-lutely phenomenal – what more do you want? A devastating coupling of Grape Ape and OG Kush Auto combine to create a resilient hassle-free beauty that looks as good as it tastes, and smokes as good as it smells.

4 gelonade


Gelonade’s lineage is Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC, combined with Lemon Skunk. The taste is, as you’d expect, knockout, with deep notes of lemon and little hints of banana to go along with it.

5 back to the future 2

Back To The Future #2

What do you get when you combine Gorilla Glue and Alien Tahoe OG? You get a resin-heavy taste standout with a THC percentage of over 30%. When we say resin-heavy, we really mean it  – it’s oozing with the stuff. Throw in an earthy taste profile with delicate notes of lemon, and reported benefits for stress, insomnia, pain and nausea, and you’ve got yourself a keeper.

6 bubble runtz

Bubble Runtz

If you’re partial to a strain so fruity it tastes like it’s been ripened in the Spanish sun and carefully picked by a family that has experience over twenty generations, Bubble Runtz is your baby. Famed for churning out compact, resin-soaked nugs, it’s so much more than what it tastes like – but what it tastes like is so much more than most other strains.

7 Mac Muffin Auto

MAC Muffin Auto

Mac Muffin Auto is one of the newer additions to Tastebudz’ already heaving, mouthwatering stable. Its mostly indica genetics will give you a clue as to the type of high to expect, and its tendency for relaxation is one that is better experienced than explained. With reported benefits for those suffering from pain and insomnia, and a more than solid THC content of 21%, this is a strain that has pretty much all bases covered, without sacrificing a clear-cut identity in the process.

8 grape gushers

Grape Grushers

A resilient flower with a bountiful yield and solid genetics all round, Grape Gushers manages to carve a niche in a field of heavy-hitters. It’s 600gr/m2 yield potential is frankly disgusting, and while the 20% THC total will doubtless get tails wagging, it isn’t able to encapsulate what make the high – a euphoric, calming, centering one – so special.

9 biscotti #33

Biscotti #33 Auto

An arresting auto with colouration to die for, Biscotti #33 has a lot more going for it than how it tastes. We’re sure your eyes are wandering to that 23% THC level, and we don’t blame you – while Biscotti does have a delectable cookie terp base it’s got the power to back it up. With its short flowering time coming in at 7-8 weeks, you’ve got a plant that tastes good, smokes amazingly, and has incredible ease-of-use. What more could you possibly want?

10 Gorilla Gas Auto

Gorilla Gas Auto

Gorilla Gas evokes feelings of overwhelming power and stunning terps, and it lives up that promise effortlessly. The (un)holy mix of CHEMDAWG X GSC (GMO) X GG4 AUTO works wonders for this inventive, all-conquering strain, which is powered by a 25% THC level. And of course, let’s not forget the terps – an idiosyncratic mix of exotic lemons, diesel, and pepper. A ‘challenging’ taste profile, as a sommelier might say, but one we think is well worth investing in.

11 Forbidden Fruitz Auto 

Forbidden Fruitz Auto

With THC content clocking in at 25%, Forbidden Fruitz Auto may have already won your heart – but there’s so much more to fall in love with besides. Rocking a decent flowering time and an absolutely MAMMOTH yield (700gr/m2), Fruitz has as much substance as it does style. Expect exotic terps that will transport you to the Caribbean, cocktail in hand, with this amazing, all-purpose strain.

12 Cherry Cheesecake Auto

Cherry Cheesecake Auto

From the name alone you can probably know what to expect with Cherry Cheesecake Auto, but mere descriptors simply don’t do it’s taste profile justice. It’s a cherry-based, slightly sour affair with hints of cream and a delightfully tangy kick. Outside of the outrageous terps, expect a solid flowering time, beefy THC of 25%, and a monster yield at 650gr/m2. 

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Please note – all discussion of a genetics characteristics are purely theoretical. Chosen Seeds does not condone prohibited use or production of cannabis seeds.

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