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Back To The Future #2

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Back To The Future #2


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Back To The Future #2 Feminised cannabis seeds have been developed from two big hitters, Gorilla Glue and Alien Tahoe OG. The revered Original Glue (AKA Gorilla Glue#4) boasts an impressive THC content of over 30%. It is famed it is heavy-hitting euphoric high, which creates massive relaxation throughout the body, often leading to couch lock.

Another adored trait of this strain is the extensive resin production, excellent for producing concentrates, live resin, and bubble hash.

Proud parent of Starfighter F2 is Alien Tahoe OG, a highly regarded Indica dominant hybrid. This is extremely potent and famed for inducing an almost sedative-like effect, which helps to assist with stress, pain, insomnia, and nausea. Uniting these two THC titans gave rise to an absolute knock out, Back To The Future #2 Feminised.

Back To The Future #2 Feminised has chunky resin-covered buds densely packed with trichomes and crystalline particles. It has an intoxicating fragrance of earthy pine and subtle hints of sour lemon.

Back To The Future #2 Feminised can thrive indoors or outdoors. Wherever you cultivate Back To The Future #2 Feminised you will need more than 1 pair of scissors during harvest time because the enormous amount of resin will clog up your tools. Back To The Future #2 Feminised rapid growth rate makes it an ideal candidate for the Screen of Green (SCROG) growing method. It will thrive in a warm climate and can grow to a serious height.

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8-9 weeks

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Couch-lock, Euphoric