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New Drop From Yieldmonger Seeds: Jumbo Runtz, Mega Bucks Auto & Super Scoop

It’s an exciting time to be a cannabis seed collector. Established seed banks offer the classics while still iterating upon them, or creating new strains entirely. And there’s an absolute plethora of exciting new talent emerging seemingly every day. Yieldmonger Seeds is easily one of our favourite of this years’ crop of new breeders. If you’re already wise to their wares this won’t need qualifying, but in the case that you’re not, the following breakdown of their latest drop should do the trick. Adding three prime cuts to their already sparkling stable, Jumbo Runtz, Super Scoop and Mega Bucks Auto are exciting additions to the Chosen Seeds roster in distinct ways. Oh what’s that? We’re teaming up with Yieldmonger to give away a pack of each to celebrate Christmas? You’re damn right we are. Hit the link here to find out the three different ways to enter.

Jumbo Runtz – A Feminised Plant With High THC & Euphoric Effects

Jumbo Runtz

Let’s get the big number out of the way shall we, you cannabinoid-cannibals: Jumbo Runtz boasts THC levels of 27%, which makes it a veritable #Monster. And while that THC content is cause for celebration – or commiseration on the couch when you realise that that last bowl might have been a step too far – there’s so much more going on with this one.

Based on the mummy and daddy alone it’s no surprise that Jumbo Runtz cleans up so well. Gelato and Zkittlez are two iconic US strains, and they’re utilised to full effect here. Expertly navigating the line between quality and speed, Jumbo Runtz will typically flower in 8-9 weeks and can yield around 550-600gr/m2, a fantastic output. And then there’s the terps – oh lordy, the terps. Intensely fruity, every toke is like a kaleidoscope of sweet flavours, which when combined with the effect, makes this strain one of the standouts of 2021.

Super Scoop – Primetime Indica Genetics Complemented By An Outrageous Terpene Profile

Super Scoop

Super Scoop is like getting an extra dollop of ice cream free of charge; there really aren’t any downsides. Ok, we guess there’s the threat of added cholesterol with the former, but we can absolutely guarantee you that Super Scoop won’t cause the same issue. So it’s even better than an extra dollop of ice cream. Goddam that’s a good sales pitch.

In all seriousness, Super Scoop is seriously stunning, offering up an exceedingly well-rounded package. Building on Gorilla Glue and Gelato lineage, Super Scoop is strong. Like ‘do not smoke this if you aren’t an experienced smoker’ type of strong. If you can get past / relish that strength however, you’ll get an extraordinarily layered high, equal parts euphoria and creativity. That complexity extends to the terpenes, too. Imagine the usual Gelato-esque notes of sweet ice cream and chocolate, mixed with spicy strands of gassy diesel. A high yielder, too, as is the case with all of Yieldmonger’s genetics. We challenge you to try and find fault with this one.

Mega Bucks Auto – A Fast-Flowering Auto With A Champagne Finish

Mega Bucks Auto

Combining a choice Mimosa cut with Orangeade is exactly the type of inspired thinking that has us so excited for the future of Yieldmonger. One for the terpene savants, Mega Bucks Auto is a mind-boggling smorgasbord of citrus-infused flavours; fresh, impactful notes of orange, lemon and lime run dominate every inhalation. It’s worth it for the taste alone, but happily, there’s a lot more to get excited about.

We’re huge fans of the effect, which, while delightfully strong, also serves as great motivation for everything from menial tasks to creative endeavours. The clarity and focus it brings means this is one that will benefit artists of all kinds greatly; but the euphoric aspect means that those just looking for a chance to unwind will have a home here too. Similar to the rest of Yieldmonger’s latest crop, it’s a fast finisher that doesn’t sacrifice on yield as a result – AKA the holy grail. Luxuriant to the ashy end, Mega Bucks Auto has something for the flavour chasers, effect appreciators and everything in between.

We hope you like our breakdown of Yieldmonger’s latest – what’s your favourite? Don’t forget to enter our giveaway, and here’s a link for the rest of Yieldmonger’s products.

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