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Exploring Grateful Seeds' Specialist One Shot Collection Blog Image

Exploring Grateful Seeds’ Specialist One Shot Collection

Grateful Seeds have a penchant for creating genetics that feel completely of this moment. In a time where the utility of a plant has never been more valued, and the transportive, hedonistic experience of simply smoking weed never more championed, Grateful Seeds are consistently dropping strains that focus on resin extraction potential and terp profiles to die for. Their famed One Shot Edition is arguably the defining example of this approach. A triumvirate of specialist strains that were each put through exhaustive amounts of R&D, the dogged amount of testing they went through to get to where they are has resulted in three highly polished diamonds each with distinct characteristics.

Z Head, an award-winning hybrid with explosive Zkittlez tendencies, is proven quality. Pineapple R2 thrives on its layered terp profile. And Frosted Onionz, heaving resin extraction potential make it a dream for hash heads everywhere. Simply put, if you’re looking for the two things Grateful Seeds specialises in, you’ve absolutely come to the right place. Warning: the following three products have been classified as drool-worthy, so please bring a hefty supply of napkins.

Z-Head – An Indica Sativa Hybrid With a Luxurious Terp Profile and Solid Yield and Flowering Time

Z Head

Z-Head’s lineage is almost as interesting as the standout plant itself. After procuring a strain of Zoz from Dying Breed Seeds (which itself is a backcross of Zkittlez x OG EDD Leps with the original Zkittlez) they quickly fell in love, and realised they’d found a base strain they wanted to expand upon. They settled on crossing it with 26mm (Alien Wrench x Zcube), a plant with spectacular resin extraction potential and a terpene profile that meshed well with the characteristics of the Zoz. Continuing the legacy of award-winning laid down by Zoz, Z-Head is itself the winner of multiple cups, and it’s not hard to see why. One for Zkittlez adorers, resin raiders or taste connoisseurs, she’s one you’ll want to get in your stable while you still can.

Pineapple R2 – A Resin-Extractor’s Dream With Dominant Pineapple Terpene Expressions

Pineapple R2

Grateful Seeds have a proclivity for exhaustively exploring all avenues when it comes to research and development; they are notoriously discerning, and we think that’s a wonderful thing. One result of this stringent, unwavering process is Pineapple R2. Picked for its potent resin extraction potential and ridiculously juicy terp profile, this iteration is a resilient, mouthwatering strain well worth your time. In terms of taste profile, you can expect powerful hits of cherry so strong they manage to largely overshadow notes of banana and strawberry. And that still bows down to the overall dominant pineapple terps, which are mind-bogglingly sweet, sidestepping the typically acidic fermented taste of Frosted Madness. Coupled with the excellent potential for hash heads everywhere, Pineapple R2 is a confident expression of what makes Grateful Seeds so exciting.

Frosted Onionz – A Fem With Beauty, Taste, and Parent Genetics That Guarantee Quality

Frosted Onionz

Grateful Seeds haven’t missed once, and judging on the strength of their current releases, we can’t see that run ending anytime soon. Frosted Onionz is the latest addition to a stable of genetics heaving with quality, where it comfortably takes its place. The story of its parents, and how it was picked, is crucial in understanding why Frosted Onionz works so superbly. They picked Frosted Melons, bred by Lost River Seeds and hand-picked by. Brain Food Grower. Cultivating buckets of positive buzz in the Barcelona hashish scene, Grateful Seeds were drawn to this cut for that famed resin extraction potential and her mouthwateringly sweet terpene profile. They crossed her with their own 26mm, which itself is known for an outrageously zingy taste profile, as well as significant resin potential. What arose from this inspired mix is what you see above: a feminised beauty fated to become a classic a bit later down the line.

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