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Get ‘Em While They’re Here – Limited Edition Strains From Grateful Seeds

Grateful Seeds are the type of seed bank that seem to come into the industry fully formed. While most breeders understandably take a while to find their feet, Grateful Seeds were born this year with a jaw-dropping logo, a clear company ethos and an already established identity. They’re outliers, and that borderline-misfit status extends to their stunning range of strains, including their latest unveiling of limited edition seeds. Each one is so distinct, so interesting in its own way that on the one hand, we’re absolutely gutted that they’re not going to be around forever. On the other hand, there’s something about their ephemeral purchase period that reinforces the mysticism and excitement that surrounds Grateful Seeds. Regardless, we’re very much in the ‘buy them now while you can’ camp, and we’d honestly be saying that even if they weren’t for sale on our website. But they are, which is a lovely coincidence, so please dive into the list below that goes into a tad more detail about each strain.

Orangina – A Citrusy Explosion With The Brightness Of Freshly Picked Oranges


We’d be remiss to not talk about the taste of Orangina at great length (that sort of thinking goes for any of Grateful Seeds’ collection to be fair). A genuinely salivation-worthy explosion of citrus bursts that leans closest to the tart sweetness of blood orange, it also offers surprising notes of cookie and bergamot. We’re huge fans of the way it plays with sweet and sour undertones and overtones, almost allowing them to do battle on your tastebuds. It results in a slightly varied terp experience with every toke, ensuring that, like free jazz, you’re never sure exactly which notes you’ll get in which order, but you’ll always be pleasantly surprised. With a tendency to skew purple towards the end of flowering, you’ll be left with a plant that not only tastes and smokes beautiful, but also looks beautiful too.

Frosted Madness – A Sour, Tongue-Jolting Stinker In The Best Possible Way

Frosted Madness

A standout plant with a wonderfully rigid adherence to shades of green as a colour profile, Frosted Madness’ uniform appearance belies the incredibly complex terpene characteristics that lie within it. Initially designed to add some extra resin potential and better bud structure to Grateful Seeds’ brilliant Pineapple Madness, it ended up doing more than was expected, not least in the taste and aroma department. The union of Frosted Melon and Pineapple Madness #16 is a twisted, sour-tastic one, trading on distinct notes of freshly squeezed, slightly rotten pineapple combined with pungent, gassy hits of melon. Described as being at risk of stinking the place out, Frosted Madness is a banger, and is absolutely one we’d recommend adding to your portfolio.

Blowrange – Resin-Soaked Nugs x Short Flowering Time and Mind-Blowing Taste


We’re gigantic fans of the magic constantly being weaved over at DNA Genetics, and it seems Grateful Seeds are too. Crossing Blood Orange Sorbet from DNA with Orange Cookie may seem like a no-brainer in hindsight, but it’s exactly the type of forward thinking we believe this freshly-minted seed bank will eventually become known for. Boasting dense nugs that are absolutely heaving with resin, she’s an extractor’s dream, but one that offers a whole lot more besides. We love her subtle mix of vanilla, sweet orange and tangy sherbert teprs, and are equally impressed by her solid yield. Sharing the ability to develop a purple-ish hue towards the end of its cycle with Orangina, Blowrange offers value for the aesthetic lover too.

Mendomint – An Inspired Blend That Takes The Best Terp Traits of Each Parent Plant


One for the gas and cookie dough fanatics, Mendomint has a terp profile as funky as James Brown and the Famous Flames. Uprising Seeds provided Grateful Seeds with a strain of Mendo Wood (Kirkwood OG x Mendo Breath F3) and the… seeds of an exciting new plant were formed. They noted a stunning vigor, which they attributed to the MendoBreathF3, and fell in love with its propensity to grow fat, dense buds. It was crossed with a Thin Mint sourced from the United States, which revealed a wonderful mix that retains the cookie characteristics and actually improved upon the taste, as well as the resin production. Those terps somehow blend extraordinarily well with the notes of Mendo Wood, all old spices and hits of powerful gas. A must-try for cookie lovers and/or anyone who wants their palette challenged by fresh and exciting taste combinations.

The above make up four of Grateful Seeds’ Ltd. Edition collection, but there are more here. Don’t forget to leave a comment on which of these delicious strains are highest on your wishlist.




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