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Devouring The Latest Fems From Perfect Tree

Perfect Tree are one of our favourite seed banks – don’t believe us, check out this aggressively excited blog post about their last new drop, which we’d file under ‘fawning’. We think fervent praise is more than justified considering the calibre of seed on offer from the fine folks at Perfect Tree. Always exemplary, never less than extraordinary, they produce some of the finest feminised cannabis strains in the entire industry. And it just so happens that their latest drop, a quartet of nigh-unrivalled quality, continues this fine trend. Fast flowering times and high yields are present across the board, but each one has a few idiosyncratic tics that ensure dining out on each offers a worthwhile experience. An embarrassment of luxury terpenes and an assortment of varied highs power this fantastic foursome.

Chantilly – An Inspired Cross Blooms A Resin-Soaked, Cookie Dough Terped Delight


Chantilly has a lot going for it, but the thing we love most about it is the way it feels in our mouth. Sidestepping the fact that that was probably a sentence that simply did not need to be uttered, the terpenes on offer here are genuinely delightful, and will make this a worthy purchase for anyone taste aficionados out there. Velvety swashes of cookie dough dominate the experience, here, offset by welcome notes of whipped cream, hazelnut, and even further-flung hits of gas and cardamom. Though it’s not just about what this thing will do to your mouth – sorry – because Chantilly also has enough resin to qualify as a hash-head’s dream. Those dense, resin-dipped nugs round out what is overall a sublime visual appearance, with deep purple leaves adding a bit of decorum and darkness to the glistening core. Fast flowering at 8 weeks, with a high yield to boot, it’s actually harder to think of reasons as to why you shouldn’t be snapping this feminised triumph up immediately.

Granita – A Wildly Powerful Feminised Cannabis Strain That Promises To Leave You Couch-Bound For The Evening


Thanks to the almost overwhelming variety of cannabis strains and the equally overwhelming array of effects they can have, its quite easy to tailor the strain to the sort of experience you want to have. So many strains offer extraordinary things: mental clarity, motivation, creative drive, introspection, borderline hallucination. And it’s at that point that we’re reminded of the possibilities of a plant we’re still only just beginning to understand. But for all the beauty and untapped promise that those types of experiences offer, sometimes you simply want to feel like you can’t stand up. Granita does that. It does that to such an extent that this is labelled as a nighttime strain only – no heavy machinery, no handling dangerous objects, no pretending you aren’t zonked off your face to your boss and coworkers. Guaranteed to leave you dissolving within the grooves of your sofa, it’s also got a staggeringly complex terpene profile, great flowering times, and solid yields. But yeah, it’s all about the effect on this one.

Loukoum – A Choice Cut With Dreamy Terpenes And A Monster Yield


Loukoum does that special thing, terpene-wise, of seemingly offering up a new kaleidoscope of flavours every time you take a toke. Your first pull might conjure up notes of rich gelato and a few hints of gas. Your second, you may pick up on the creamy hits we associate with Jet A. The third might invoke pink Turkish Delight. The beauty is you never know quite what you’re getting, and so each toke becomes a new culinary adventure. It’s not all terpenes, though – Loukoum is stacked with these dense nugs that are sparkling with glistening trichomes, rounding out a visual experience that is sure to please the aesthetes out there. A flowering time of 8-9 weeks ensures she won’t make you wait too long, and the above-average yield ensures you’ll have more than enough of what is likely to be your new favourite strain.

Baked In Paris – A Luxurious Terpene Experience With A Desirable High And Fast Flowering

Baked In Paris

One of our all-time favourite named cannabis strains, Baked In Paris is another prestigious entry in the Jet A lineage, utilising the best parts of that esteemed strain while also creating something wholly unique to this new plant itself. Offering up a smorgasbord of cookie-laden terps, powerful gassy notes and overtones of Gelato, Baked In Paris is more than an excuse to bask in luxurious terps. A vibrant, potent high ensures that this isn’t a strain one should take lightly – and while it’s possible to take advantage of the creative spark BIP can give you, too much might mean an evening of staring at the shopping channel because you’ve forgotten that other programs exist.  A high yield and fast flowering times round off this new-classic.

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