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Reading The Tree Leaves – Our Breakdown Of The Four New Strains From Perfect Tree

It’s not often that a batch of new strains arrive with such pizzazz, such pomp, such occasion. Perfect Tree have long made a habit of bucking norms and expectations however, so we suppose the standout quality of their latest selection should come as no surprise. A riveting collection of fems that each have their own identity, the variety amongst this nuggy quartet makes trying each one out borderline essential, and in turn makes picking a favourite nigh on impossible. From the challenging terps of Rotten Apple, the highly recommended mellow high of Puff Mints, to the well-rounded Red Red Wine and the perfect late-night companion Midnight Sunset, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to sheer quality.

1 Puff Mints

Puff Mints

An indica dominant terp sensation that somehow manages to improve on its storied ancestry, Puff Mints offers quality in abundance. Let’s start with the high. It’s a mellow, one, sure, unlikely to send you to space (if you smoke a normal amount with conventional means, that is) but what it lacks in oomph it more than makes up for in its propensity to chill you out, man. Perfect for an evening where not much is on the cards, or for family get-together’s where a blank mind is preferred.

In terms of terps, she’s as multi-layered as you’d expect from a Perfect Tree graduate: a heady mix of cookie dough, cream, notes of toasted cookies and hints of classic gassy aromas. With a flowering time of 8 weeks, she’s no slouch in terms of practicality – throw in an above average yield and you’ve got yourself a keeper.

2 Rotten Apple

Rotten Apple

We’re going to be plain, here. Rotten Apple has a lot going for it. It makes prime use of its sativa indica hybrid genetics, balancing out a chilled high with occasional spikes of couchlock. It’s got a decently short flowering time, an extremely good yield, and in terms of visuals, she’s transfixing, for those of you that are into that sort of thing. But the thing about Rotten Apple is that it has one aspect which makes all the other aspects seem inconsequential. The terps on this gem are one of a kind.

Truly living up to its name, Rotten Apple secretes overwhelming notes of fermented fruit, not dissimilar to the aroma that accompanies a field of fallen fruit, just ever so slightly degrading. It’s a pungent one, for sure, and one for those with a strong or adventurous palette. If you can brave the instant acridity, you will however be rewarded with a distinctly pleasant, sweet aftertaste. Worth sticking around for.

3 Red Red Wine

Red Red Wine

Red Red Wine had a lot of living up to do when it picked a name most associated with UB40’s classic, timeless bop (seeds pick their own names right?), but luckily, it manages to live up to that lofty reference. Just like its namesake, Red Red Wine is a crowd-pleaser at heart, offering a well-rounded buffet designed to cater to a broad variety of tastes. Decent flowering time? Check. High yield? Double check. Terpenes so divine you’d be sure Perfect Tree have a hook up with the big dude that initially (allegedly) invented flavours in the first place? Holy check. The actual experience of smoking this gem matches the broadly pleasing nature of the plant itself, we’re happy to report. We can see this one being in the rotation for a while, especially come summer – stay close to me indeed.

4 Midnight Sunset

Midnight Sunset

Last but most certainly not least, Midnight Sunset rounds out Perfect Tree’s latest quarter, and in some style, too. The ingenious union of Sunset Sherbert x Jet A (reversal), Midnight Sunset builds on its lineage by creating something that shines just as bright, if not brighter. Her high yield makes her an appealing proposition to the productivity nuts, while the subtle, assured utilisation of her indica genetics ensure a transcendental high. Terpenes are on point, as you’d expect: strong, gassy fuel notes dominate, but still leave room for the creamier yang of Sunset Sherbert. We’d be remiss not mention the vibe and overall look of this strain, though, and this is where the name starts to make sense. Deep greens underlie galactic swirls of purple, offset by lighter greens and flecks of dreamy, sun-soaked orange. Perfect for those late-night solo sessions gazing at the stars, wondering deeply on the big question: what should I eat?

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