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Seed Reviews

Analysing The New Autos and Fems From Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds are one of the storied few that just have this indelible rubberstamp of quality on anything they produce. It’s hard to build up enough cachet to be universally admired within the cannabis seeds industry; Advanced Seeds managed that transition with ease. Appraising their already-heaving stable of superlative produce, it was hard to figure …

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Our Top Six Penthouse Strains (UPDATED!)

Hailing from genuine seed bank royalty, Penthouse comes from the geniuses behind Chosen Seeds’ favourites Critical Mass Collective. Boasting an array of strains that matches its sibling brands’ quality assurance, as an aside it also has probably the best packet graphics we’ve ever seen. With prices on the friendly side, you’d expect some sort of …

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Seed Review: Ripper Seeds’ New Range

DO-G DO-G by Ripper Seeds. A sumptuous cross between White Fire OG (Wifi #43) and a reversion of Do-si-dos, this strain, when smoked, seems to explode in your mouth, assaulting your little tastebuds with tones of earth, sourness and fuel. This monster is quick flowering, blessed with kaleidoscopic crystals and a high that is both …

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Seed Review: Super Glue (Anesia Seeds)

Sometimes in the cannabis industry a strain will simply announce itself. It will suddenly be everywhere – mentioned by friends, discussed excitedly on forums, appearing in your dreams etc. It will have this almost unquantifiable presence – it will just seem to have arrived, to have entered the cannabis consciousness – and everyone else seems …

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Cookies Kush Seed Review


Certain things in life are, well, certain – rain, sun, day, night, Piers Morgan being a twat. Another one of these certainties: Barney’s Farm consistently putting out products that match, and often better, anything else out there. Their delightful version of Cookies Kush simply reinforces this. The result of a cross between a Girl Scout …

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De Sjamaan’s White Widow

White Widow. A strain that quickly attained legend status off the back of it’s astounding, thunderous power, as well as for being the first strain to be associated with medicinal properties. For those that haven’t partaken before, there’s a reason you’ll find an allusion to death in the title – but in this case, it’s …

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