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De Sjamaan’s White Widow

White Widow. A strain that quickly attained legend status off the back of it’s astounding, thunderous power, as well as for being the first strain to be associated with medicinal properties. For those that haven’t partaken before, there’s a reason you’ll find an allusion to death in the title – but in this case, it’s the best kind of murder, one where you’re assaulted in all sensory functions, blown away, and, then gradually, the after-effects begin to creep in, the euphoria, the need to socialise, the creativity. And an hour or so later you look around, nonplussed, and someone might say something along the lines of: “Yeah, that’s White Widow.” It’s a full moon, the temperature is just right, you’re with the people you love and you quietly remark that that might, just might, be the best smoke you’ve ever had.

Or you’ll just spark up another joint and continue watching The Office re-runs.

Either way, White Widow represents everything a classic cannabis strain should be – it is unique. It is beautiful. It has a distinct taste and high. It just has that… special something about it, you know? Maybe it’s because you feel like you’re smoking a part of history, which, in truth, you are – White Widow is a legitimate cultural touchstone for the world of cannabis. The industry owes a lot to it, other strains owe a lot to it, seed banks owe a lot to it – we, as a company owe a lot to it. But you? Whether you’re a White Widow connoisseur or a fresh-faced newbie, you don’t owe it anything. You owe it to yourself to experience it, though. A day not smoking White Widow is a day not smoking White Widow.

It’s hard to pick a favourite out of our amazing White Widow range at Chosen Seeds, but right now we really love what De Sjamaan specifically are doing with their female version of this beloved plant: