The Best New Autoflowering & Feminised Seeds For August

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Here at Chosen Seeds we have a veritable conveyor belt of new talent arriving regularly on the site. This adds to our already gargantuan total of 4,000 seeds, which is something we strive for – giving discerning customers as many beans to pick from as possible. Still, the rapid influx can cause a severe case... Read more »

Here at Chosen Seeds we have a veritable conveyor belt of new talent arriving regularly on the site. This adds to our already gargantuan total of 4,000 seeds, which is something we strive for – giving discerning customers as many beans to pick from as possible. Still, the rapid influx can cause a severe case of paralysis by analysis, so we like to pick our best of the best of the bunch wherever possible.

You’ll find such a collection below; a collection packed with a diverse mix of fems and autos, with a diverse array of characteristics and attributes. Looking for an intense smoke with a fruity taste? Say no more. A high-yielder with medicinal properties? We’ve got you. Someone to hold you late at night when you’re done binge watching romcoms and crying through your pillow? OK, we can’t offer that. But there are services that can. If you want to get baked out your schnozzle after devouring romcoms and DEFINITELY NOT CRYING NOT EVEN ONCE, then here’s your best bet. Happy bean hunting!

1. Bear Gorilla by Yieldmonger Seeds

Bear Gorilla

The phrase ‘does what it says on the tin’ is an undervalued one. In fact, we think that when it’s generally used, there’s a hint of derision. An allusion to something that is workmanlike, unfussy, simple. We don’t like those connotations. In a world where lies are thrown around freely by those in power, we appreciate honesty more than ever. And Bear Gorilla, in the most positive use of the term, does what it says on the tin.

AKA, it combines two titanic forces (bear meet gorilla) to create a hybrid that lives up to the name. With multiple samples testing up to 30% THC, this is not one for the faint of heart or weak of mind. Even discounting her mind-boggling THC count, Bear Gorilla has buckets going for it. Her high is scintillating, euphoric, and she has a challengingly pungent smoke. High-yielding, with a short flowering time, Bear Gorilla makes use of its storied genetics to create something that succeeds at what it tries to do: to be strong as fuck.

2. NL5 x Afghan by Mr Nice Seeds

Let’s get the obvious out of the way – you don’t have to worry about whether or not anything coming out of the Mr Nice Seeds’ laboratory is quality. As bonafide as they come. Still, that’s not to say that each of their products should be bought blindly (though you honestly couldn’t go much wrong with that method, to be fair). So it’s lucky that we could fill books with paeans to their range, especially NL5 x Afghan.

The word ‘Afghan’ in the title of any strain will usually clue you up to the quality of the plant, and that’s no different here. Those at Mr Nice have bred this standout to appeal to general growers, but also medicinal patients, skimping on neither flavour nor effect in the process. With a solid yield, kind grow profile and its pedigree parentage, you can’t go wrong with this beauty.

3. Queen’s Sangria by Emerald Mountain Legacy

Queen’s Sangria

Emerald Mountain Legacy, Cali-based seed aficionados, know what they’re fucking doing. Don’t believe us? Buy 10,00 of their seeds right now. If that amazingly subtle sales pitch didn’t work, then I guess we’ll have to do this the old fashioned way: by espousing the huge amount of positives that make Queen’s Sangria a must-buy.

A balanced hybrid wrought from a genius cross of Mimosa x Royal Kush, her genetic lineage of Tangie and Purple Punch also screams quality. That’s before you get to the plus points of this strain. One of the highlights is its taste, as you’d expect from the name. A ‘fruity terpene profile that smells like fruit salad and fuel’. Your mouth’s watering already, we can tell. Combine that with pristine resin production, a decent flowering time and a high yield, and you’ve got yourself a cocktail far too good to turn down.

4. Gelato by Medicann Seeds


It doesn’t get much hotter than Gelato. Arguably the crown jewel of the relatively modern tidal wave of US genetics, Gelato has been reproduced dozens of times by many reputable breeders. This gem from Medicann Seeds is one of our favourites. Combining everything that makes the classic a classic with a view to imbuing it with medicinal properties, Gelato manages to stand out amidst a field overcrowded with quality.

You get the classic taste you expect from this renowned strain, a sweet, almost dessert like quality that packs that same punch in aroma too. Its mostly indica status ensures a zen-inducing, couch-locking high, and the 24% THC content ensures that anything you have to do that day can be filed in the ‘Tomorrow’ folder. A great entry point into the US strain phenomenon for newbies, but also a bit of variety for those that aren’t.

5. Turbo Zkittlez by Yieldmonger Seeds

Turbo Zkittlez

You know occasionally you’ll get a strain that is so good, so mind-blowing, that the first thing you want to do is get as much of it as you can and lock yourself in a bunker with it so noone else can try it? Turbo Zkittlez by Yieldmonger Seeds is that, for us. For the less Smaug-esque among you, it’s the type of bud that you’ll try and want to immediately arrange a smoke date with your buddy to try it with you. An indica dominant that still manages to let the best of its sativa genetics shine through, Turbo Zkittlez is special.

Her 25% THC level is high but not too high to write your day off. That aforementioned sativa x indica partnership is arguably the most noteworthy thing about it; the mix is a work of art, homing in on the relaxing body effects while also pinpointing the mental acuity a sativa can provide. Short flowering, lush flavouring, and she just looks gorgeous, too. We’re kind of obsessed with Turbo Zkittlez at the moment, and don’t think it’s hard to see why.

6. Dynamite by Next Generation Seeds

A fan favourite of Next Generation’s considerable roster, Dynamite lives up to its incendiary name with a broad spread of strengths and very few weaknesses. Its adaptable nature solidifies Dynamite as an easy grow, which will be welcome news for growers that lack experience but still don’t want to skimp on quality. Its short flowering time, lip-smacking grapefruit-esque taste profile and high resin extractability make this a lock-in for anyone that wants a plant that can do a little bit of everything.

7. Beast Mode Auto by Mega Buds

Beast Mode Auto

Apart from looking absolutely stunning, Beast Mode Auto has a lot going for it. Right off the bat, its the effect that stands out; as eloquently put by Mega Buds themselves, this strain is a godsend for anyone that needs to get shit done. Its a high of the stimulating, energetic kind – one that allows you to apply laser-focus to whichever task you need to tick off. Its taste is a unique one, bringing notes of overpowering citrus and lemon, while also allowing sweeter, spice-like flavours to come to fruition as the aroma wears on. A decently short flowering time combined with a potential monster yield means this is a puppy that can be bred growers of all experience levels. Even with its medical prowess (its parent strain Blue Dream can take credit for that) it still somehow boasts impressive THC levels of over 18%. A genuine standout.

8. Mega CBD by Mega Buds

Mega CBD

Mega Buds wanted to create a CBD strain, and of course they wanted to do that by giving it the Mega treatment. There were no medicinal corners cut here, with mountains of research accrued to ensure that their biggest foray into medical marijuana was a successful one. That level of dedication paid off handsomely. Mega CBD offers a 1:3 THC to CBD ratio, instantly making it a strong medicinal contender.

Luckily, the fun doesn’t end there. On top of its latent medical benefits, Mega CBD boasts a rich, discerning taste profile. Its low THC content ensures you’ll get a manageable, pleasant head buzz, while also taking advantage of the tingling cerebral high from the CBD portion. A solid yield, manageable flowering time and overall versatility make this plant a must-purchase for the CBD curious.

9. Spice Cream by Emerald Mountain Legacy

Spice Cream

Dr Frankenstein created his monster by combining elements from different sources, and so too did Spice Cream come to life. Probably with less crackling electricity and minus the general sense of doom – but certainly with an air of madcap experimentation, considering its three-pronged cross genetic profile. The indica dominant Blackberry Kush was crossed with Diesel Maui Dog, which is renowned for its powerful genetics and short flowering time. This was then crossed with Royal Kush, an Emerald Mountain Legacy O.G. What resulted was Spice Cream, a stunning little hybrid with amazing grow versatility, a short flowering time, solid THC content and so much more.

10. Mandarin Gelato by Ministry Of Cannabis

Mandarin Gelato

There’s a time and a place for high THC content, and that time, and that place, is now and here. The world’s pretty much in a constant state of emergency, everyone’s shouting at each other, they never give you enough sauces at McDonalds and it’s all a bit crap. So the sweet release of smoking something that our brains have no right being able to recover from is something we cherish right now. The fun thing is about Mandarin Gelato is that it pairs that fuck-off 25% THC with a bunch of other enticing characteristics. You’ve got the genetics themselves, which comprise 75% Gelato and 25% Mandarin Haze, two supreme strains. Then there’s the profile of the effect itself, which is a body-numbing zen-inducing one. The fruity citrusy taste is a knockout, and its applications for various farms of pain relief is the icing on the cannabinoid-laden cake.

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