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Top Five Best Medical Cannabis Strains For Pain Relief, Insomnia, Anxiety & More

The practical uses of medicinal cannabis have been known for milennia, but decades of anti-weed propaganda has resulted in a stigma that is only now being properly shaken. With new studies coming out constantly it’s becoming harder to ignore, as is the magic of CBD itself. We’ve compiled a list of our top five medicinal cannabis strains below, but there are many, many more, and we’ll add to this list as time goes on.

1. Hippie Therapy CBD by Exotic Seed

Two immutable facts: Exotic Seed have some of the best photography and presentation around. The second one is that the product they ship lives up to the aesthetic hype, and then some. When it comes to CBD strains, that sense of living up to what it says on the tin is utterly crucial. Hippie Therapy CBD does that, and we know because Exotic Seed put it through rigorous testing to ensure they aren’t selling snake oil. A THC:CBD ratio of 1:1 with CBD levels just inching higher than THC makes this a perfect medicinal starting point.

Hippie Therapy CBD

2. Joanne’s CBD by Royal Queen Seeds

The description for Joanne’s CBD is almost as wondrous as the plant itself. A staggering amount of detail that we’ll attempt to sand down in order to find the most crucial points you need to know. Off the bat, one of her parent strains, Juanita La Lagrimosa, is believed to be the first strain ever to hit a CBD level of 15%. A sativa / indica hybrid, Joanne’s CBD can produce between 13-18% herself. The staggeringly low THC content (just 0.25%-0.75%) make this a shoo-in for anyone hoping to read medicinal benefits without getting high as a kite whilst doing so.

Joanne’s CBD

3. Critical Sour Diesel CBD by Emerald Triangle

Anxiety, chronic pain, depression, insomnia: if you are one of the many souls that suffer with any one of these afflictions on a daily basis, Critical Sour Diesel CBD may be able to help you. A CBD level of 10% ensures good access to one of the most miraculous compounds out there, and it’s also an easy grow with a great yield to boot. Boasting the iconic fuel flavour we’ve all grown accustomed to, it’s an exciting spin on an old classic, and is one we couldn’t recommend more.

Critical Sour Diesel CBD

4. Medical VIP by VIP Seeds 

VIP Seeds self-professed medical MVP, this strain boasts a lineage of Lemon Thai and Hindu Kush, short flowering times, and an intoxicating mix of sativa and indica genetics. The CBD:THC ratio ensures therapeutic value can be easily extracted from the plant, and, happily, there are no concessions made in taste or experience to accommodate for that. With lots of passion for the medicinal aspect of cannabis, VIP Seeds are one to keep an eye on in this ever expanding field.

Medical VIP

5. Anesia Scout Cookies by Anesia Seeds 

The stats read as follows: 9-10 weeks flowering time, huge yields, vivid purple colouration, a mentally stimulating, often euphoric high and a sweet, fruity, earthy taste. What the stats can’t transmit is the medicinal magic of this under-the-radar beauty. Its high is potent enough to trigger an all-body physical relaxation, and as such is perfect for treating pain, spasms, nausea and more. Recommended for those that aren’t even looking for medicinal strains; a must-cop for those that are.

Anesia Scout Cookies

For a deep dive on the turbulent history of medicinal cannabis, make sure to check out our blog post.

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