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Kera Seeds blog post

Why Kera Seeds Should Be On Your Bean-Hunting Radar

You’ve probably heard of Kera Seeds, and if you haven’t, let us know where you rent that rock you’re hiding under from, because times are tough and we need a break. In all seriousness, send us the location and/or pricing. In all ALL seriousness, Kera Seeds has established itself as a premier seed breeder, one that achieves a very special thing: guaranteed quality. Dealing exclusively in feminised variants of cannabis seeds, they wear their love for producing strains of the highest quality on their proverbial sleeves. While their list of classics is long and the reasons you should buy them even longer, they also have industry-leading prices on the majority of their seeds – again, without sacrificing overall quality. We’re certain that this description will be enough for most people to dive right in (take 50% off all Kera products using code Kera50 while you’re there!) we know that you bean-hunters are a discerning bunch, and so we’ll be going into more detail below on why you quite simply need to add Kera Seeds to your genetic-preservation portfolio.

1. Quality, Baby

It can be hard to quantify what makes a good cannabis seed, but then at times, it can be very goddam easy. Quality reigns supreme. It’s the first thing we look for when considering stocking new seeds or introducing new seed banks to the site, and it’s a philosophy that Kera Seeds champions, too. While their list of seeds is long and bountiful, there’s never been a trade-off in the overall standard of their wares as a result. From their award-winning Crazy Mouse and Mac Ganja ‘AMG Haze’ strains to their take on classics like White Widow Auto and Amnesia Auto, you’re guaranteed to find something for you. And you’re also guaranteed that it’s going to be of exceedingly high quality, which is a rare thing on these here interwebs.

2. Feminine Energy Equals Automatic Assurances

While there are latent benefits to Regular beans, there is a reason the industry has largely moved over to feminised variants. That reason, for the uninitiated, is ease of use and time saved. Kera Seeds certainly appreciates the modern conveniences feminised seeds can provide, modelling their entire portfolio around them. Kera Seeds are very interested in giving as much value back to their customers as possible. Whether that’s through pricing or time saved, they’re always looking to increase that aspect as much as possible. So feminised, with its distinct advantages, was an obvious direction for them to go in, and very much falls in line with their overall ethos of consumer first.

3. Their ‘Kera Classic’ Selection Is A Throwback To The Dutch Coffeeshop Golden Age

Drawing on their experience accrued first hand in some of the most legendary coffeeshops in Holland, Kera Seeds magicked up their Kera Classics line. Its this line that might be the best of the bunch, if you’re asking us. Adding their own spin to hazy coffeeshop stalwarts such as Critical, Jack Herer, Amnesia Haze and so much more, it’s the closest you can get to actually visiting the stores themselves. The love and passion that has gone into these strains is palpable; Kera understands the legendary nature of what they’re attempting to replicate, and they don’t take that task lightly. A fantastic selection of seeds for pretty much any bean enthusiast – we couldn’t recommend this range more.

4. The Price Is Right With This One

Bean-seller does not automatically equal bean-counter, and Kera Seeds is the proof. They could charge a tad more – considering the goodwill they’ve built up over years of consistent quality, we’re sure there wouldn’t be many complaints – but keeping a competitive price is a strong part of their DNA. What this means is that you get the same level of quality you’d expect from a top breeder, except at a discounted price. It’s not hard to see the value there, especially when the majority of their seeds are ones we’d recommend at full price regardless. Where this gets even crazier is that during the month of October, we’re offering a further *50%* discount on every product. Savings on top of savings. Just enter Kera50 at checkout.

Those are our reasons for why Kera Seeds should be on your bean-hunting radar, and we think that’s a pretty solid list, all things considered! Don’t forget to check out the rest of their range here and to use that special discount code. If you’re looking for more feminised goodness, check this blog post right here. What are your favourite Kera Seeds strains? Comment below to be a part of the conversation.

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