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Taste Testing Flavour Chasers’ Newest Batch Of Strains

Flavour Chasers are a rare breed; the overseas upstart that sought to add a transatlantic spin to iconic local strains. Created with the lofty aim of bringing prime US genetics back to Europe and the UK, Flavour Chasers soon established themselves as a premier purveyor of classic genetics from the land of the free. Their breeding process is extraordinarily stringent, and most pertinently of all, geared towards providing customers with a specific point of value: terps. Terps, terps, and terps layered on top of terps then rammed into two slices of terp-laden terps. With a palate as discerning as that of Gordon Ramsay, these seed-sommeliers put the taste experience of their strains front and centre, and that dedication really shows in their line-up. And the reason that we’ve brought you here today is that it really shows in the latest additions to their line-up – a mouthwatering batch of fems that demonstrates the evolution of their produce. Check below for a breakdown of this lip-smacking quartet, and don’t forget that for a limited time you can get free seeds with certain purchases.

1. Pink Runtz  

Pink Runtz

Boasting deep purples and a dizzying variety of green hues, the initial impression of viewing Pink Runtz for the first time is likely to leave an indelible mark on your THC-addled consciousness. A resilient, well-balanced strain that offers short flowering and an exemplary yield, Pink Runtz is the type of strain that is just immediately easy to love. Her heritage is stacked with talent (Zkittlez x Gelato with tinges of Grapefruit, Grape Ape, Durban, OG Kush and Pink Panties lingering in its ancestry) and its sativa leanings ensure a lilting, euphoric high. You’ll be happy to note that Pink Runtz tastes as good as she looks – apologies for how goddam dirty that sounded – with a terp experience that thrums with a fizzing tanginess, a refreshing zest, and a creamy, pleasurable aftertaste (apologies again).

2. Goji OG

Goji OG

Goji OG is what we like to call a creeper – at first, you’ll be disarmed by the soft euphoria it offers, entranced by the fruity taste, overall, in a state of utter relaxation and comfort. And then, suddenly – wham! You’ve forgotten your mother’s maiden name, you’re midway through eating a ridiculously complex three-stack sandwich that you don’t remember making, and the thing in the corner that you thought was your dog is actually just a pile of ruffled up coats. Packaged within the ostensibly pleasant trappings of this strain is a genuinely stupefying high, and it’d be remiss of us not to warn/mention it. It’d also be remiss of us not to mention that Goji OG tastes like what we imagine weed from the heavens would resemble, a chorus of fruity highs intermingled with earthy lows.

3. Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake

Let’s get this out of the way – Ice Cream Cake tastes better than the name suggests. Because even though you definitely get the creamy, rich layers you’d expect from that title, you get a whole lot more besides. Hints of savoury lemon candy abound, followed up by berry mint cookies, punks of mouthwatering cherry and a whole bunch of other flavours our palate is too unrefined to pinpoint. Basically, it’s like a party in your mouth, and we apologise once again for the phrasing of that statement. Apart from terps, you’ve got your usual assortment of high THC levels (22-26%!) short flowering times, a bountiful yield, and a memorable high. The visuals never fail to disappoint, either, which will be a boon for the aesthetes among you.

4. Grease Monkey 

Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey may just take the crown for the biggest ratio between least-appetising name and most-appetising strain. An indica dominant beauty with frankly offensive THC levels, Grease Monkey’s musky, earthy taste profile is deliciously undercut by all manner of sweet notes and fruity aftertastes. The high rivals the terp experience, too – prone to make you, suddenly, interminably lazy, barely able to leave the couch, only energised by the all-consuming desire to shove more food down your gullet. With potential medicinal benefits against insomnia, pain, nausea and stress, Flavour Chasers are onto a crowd-pleasing winner with this wonderful gem.

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Please note – any mention of a seed’s characteristics are strictly theoretical. All cannabis seeds are sold for collection purposes only. 

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