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The Runtzosa Cannabis Seeds are the latest Female strain to be developed from the esteemed crew at Pheno Finder Seed Bank. The company at Pheno Finders had the ingenious idea of crossing the Runtz S1 which might just be the most popular strain created in recent years (and is known for its exotic, candy-sweet terpene profile) with the famous Mimosa (which is known for its dense orange citrus flavoured buds). The buds stack nicely producing exceptionally dense buds adorned in a beautiful array of deep purple, orange and green hues.


Growers operating in a legal environment can look forward to intense resin production due to the staggering THC levels that are typically found in both parent strains: the Mimosa has been reported as having THC percentages as high as 27%, whilst the Runtz has been recorded at 25%. The Mimosa genetics should lend a fast flowering time to this cultivar, making this an attractive strain for those looking for fast turn around times. The combination of these powerhouse strains should provide legal growers with both a lip-smacking terpene profile and powerful effects and could just be a future cup winner.

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8-9 weeks

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