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Purple Thai Landraces

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Purple Thai Landraces


Purple Thai Landraces is a feminised cannabis strain that has this wonderful concoction of fruity, berry terpenes and a characteristically Anesia Seeds level of strength.

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Purple Thai comes from Thailand and is one of the oldest native breeds. In its region of origin it grows up to 4m, has slender leaves and long conic flowers with very long hairs. One phenotype have a purple shimmer on the leaves and flowers, the other phenotype gets dark green leaves covered in trichomes. In Thailand the hours of sunshine between summer and winter are not very different, so that in this region partly 2 harvests per year are possible. However, the extremely High monsoon rains often pervents this, so that these pure sativas are cultivated mainly during the summer.Purple Thai is a powerful variety with High sativa effects. The high is a powerful psychedelic rush of happiness. This landrace strain pays off with some highly introspective headstash. It will satisfy those who like marijuana for its mind-opening qualities. It is ideal for meditation, yoga or any creative moment. The dark buds of Purple Thai have a amazing exotic, fruity, berry flavour and taste. The average THC content was measured at 24%. By selecting the Highest Thai mother plant of all and using different specialised breeding methods Anesia could stabilise this high THC value.

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tropical fruits, lemon

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11-13 weeks

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160-250 cm


stress, depression, and loss of appetite.

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