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Pina o Nada

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Pina o Nada


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Pina o Nada is an indica/sativa variety from Pilchards and can be cultivated indoors, outdoors, and in the greenhouse. Tangerine, most certainly tangerine. Sure dude, to me it’s watermelon. Pina o Nada. Well, at least we’ve got a name for it now. Yet still, we can’t decide on the dominant flavour. We do not even know its gender. Pina o Nada is the only surprise box we offer. We don’t know what you will get and neither do you. Damn, that’s exciting. Well, we know one thing; you will get an amazing genetic. But no one can tell you its gender.. The breeding comes from Northern California. Cold temperatures push the development of crazy colours. A little bit of potassium, phosphorus, and low humidity will reward you with dense, rock hard buds. Taste-wise, Pina o Nada tastes like pineapple. However, there are many layers to its complex flavour. We discussed it at length for hours and no one could agree. Everyone says it’s fruity but asked for what particular fruit, no one could decide. At one point, one of our Latino friends just said “Pina o Nada”. The rest is history. An underlying herbal scent completes the package. Just keep in mind – there are boys at this party.

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6 Seeds, 12 Seeds

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Pilchard's Caviar

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Flowering Time

8 weeks

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Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse

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