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Panama Haze

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Panama Haze


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In our quest for the best ‘Haze x sativa’ hybrid, it was clear that Panama was the perfect match to strengthen the best American sativa Haze traits.

To create Panama Haze, we have pollinated our best incensey Purple Haze and Green Haze parental plants with our F10 Panama elite. The result is an impressive Haze dominant F1 hybrid, with great vigour, potency and yield, where the lemony, spicy and incensey classic Haze aromas have been enhanced.

Panama’s influence is significant in this hybrid, increasing flower density, resin production, potency and duration of the effect.
We have improved Haze’s indoor adaptability and reduce its flowering time without adding indica or skunk genetics.

We are sure that Panama Haze (along with our other Haze x sativa hybrids) will help to open a new chapter where the Haze recovers its super sativa splendour and essence, thanks to the introduction of ‘fresh blood’ coming from our best sativas.

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13-16 weeks

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