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Gorilla G4 Auto

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Gorilla G4 Auto


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Hard work and dedication are the forebearers to our precious Gorilla G4 which have also led to the new line created by Blimburn Seeds.

One of the most legendary strains in the 420 world that should never be missing from any dispensary. We have taken our Gorilla G4 to the next level by crossing it with a secret hybrid to achieve this Fast Blooming Gorilla G4.

This high-quality, sativa-dominant strain has a champion lineage worthy of this introduction because we are so proud of the results we have achieved.

A beautiful plant with sativa genetics that develops a thick stem complemented by emerald green leaves that gradually turn amber with time to highlight its large and compact flowers which sit alongside fine orange pistils on a sweet layer of resinous trichomes.

Fast Blooming Gorilla G4, in addition to maintaining the inherited qualities, is a strain that provides a stimulating cerebral euphoria full of large doses of energy, creativity, relaxation but above all else, fun.

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