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Our Favourite Strains From Grower’s Choice (Updated!)

Grower’s Choice are fast becoming a fan and industry favourite on the cannabis seeds scene; it’s not hard to see why. With a frankly heaving stable of cannabis seed quality designed to cater to a huge variety of weed whims, Grower’s Choice have something for everyone, from the connoisseurs to the excited newbies. With classics like OG Kush, Critical and Amnesia being bolstered by the addition of new and exciting additions like Rainbow Candy, Monkey Glue Auto and so much more, Grower’s Choice look set to continue their stratospheric rise. Check below for a light breakdown of some of our favourite strains of theirs, and make sure to browse their full range whenever you get a chance, too.

1 Rainbow Candy

Rainbow Candy

With a name like Rainbow Candy, you’d expect some kaleidoscopic visuals, and on that front it excels. Unique pockets of purple, yellow and orange intermingle across each nug, meaning this strain is almost as good to look at as it is to smoke. Almost, because its terp profile and effect are as wonderfully vibrant as the buds themselves. You can expect distinct notes of sweet, candy pops, underscored by fruity dashes. Subsequently, you’ll be hit with feelings of euphoria and focus, a blend we highly recommend.

2 Octane Fire OG

Octane Fire OG

Prize winner. Those two words alone should be enough to sell you on the prospect of Octane Fire OG, but if not, we’ve got a bevy of other letter assortments to get you interested. In terms of terps, she’s a bonafide winner, with pleasant notes of citrus undercut by noticeable flushes of pine. The high is described lovingly as ‘knockout’, and we can certainly attest to that – she’s one that new users will want to ease into, while more experienced users will want to load up on. With reported benefits for those suffering from insomnia, you’re even getting some (possible) medicinal benefits in there too for good measure.

3 Gorilla Cookies

Gorilla Cookies

Gorilla Glue meets Thin Mint GSC; a match made in marijuana heaven. This indica dominant fem is a worthy addition to any collectors stable, boasting a solid yield range of 450-500gr/m2, terps that hit some delicious ice cream notes and a bonkers THC content of 24% and up to 27%. Considering her lineage, it’s not surprising to see Gorilla Cookies hit such high notes. Throw in an unforgettable high to complement the smoke and you’ve got yourself a value-packed winner.

4 Watermelon Punch Auto

Watermelon Punch Auto

There’s fruity, and then there’s Watermelon Punch Auto. Akin to a barrel of the juiciest African watermelon bursting inside your mouth, this knockout strain offers a terp experience that seems ready-made for summer. Leaning on its indica genetics, you can expect a heavy, couchlocking high, but one that offers significant cognitive benefits too. With resilience in spades (resistant to mould and not exactly needy when it comes to nutrient load) you’ve got a looker that tastes amazing and smokes just as well. Heavy recommend.

5 Pink Magic Fast Version

Pink Magic has the sort of allure that can’t always be accurately described. She has a – for lack of a better term – magic about her. It could be the stunning THC levels of up to 24%. It could be the high, which is transportive, transcendent, perfect for creatives and those looking to zone out alike. It could be the sheer usability of it, with its short flowering time and overall resilience. It could be a lot of things, but when you can reel off a list of the plus points without hesitating does getting to the bottom of it all really matter?

6 Ultra Violet GMO

Boasting a potential THC level of 30%, Ultra Violet GMO is not for the faint of heart. But if you aren’t exactly new to this here rodeo, UVGMO offers an insane amount of value in a multitude of areas. This mostly indica fem makes great use of its genetics, offering a true knockout high for those seeking a companion (or more accurately, enabler) for a night zonked out on the sofa. It still manages to mix in some pleasing sativa effects, however, which is very welcome indeed. A wonderfully overpowering terp experience caps off this underrated gem; one of Grower’s Choice’s best, and that’s saying something.

7 Red Banana Berry

There’s something about Red Banana Berry that just seems to make you happy on a fundamental level. We’re obsessed with the terp experience, an intoxicating maelstrom of banana, berry, and fruit goodness. The high matches up to the smoke too, which is exceedingly rare; offering an instant dose of euphoria and motivation. But it’s the visuals that seem to activate those endorphins above all else. Careful breeding allowed Grower’s Choice to pinpoint and then maximise those deep red hues, and the results are staggering. A looker with just as much beneath the hood.

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