Falling In Love With The Future Classics of Fast Buds New Autoflowering Range

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There’s something about Fast Buds that makes you feel, well, safe. Not in the ‘being held from behind by Patrick Swayze while you playfully mould a clay pot’ safe, more the ‘I know for an absolute fact that I can expect quality of the highest order’ safe. In an industry that is, on reflection, positively... Read more »

There’s something about Fast Buds that makes you feel, well, safe. Not in the ‘being held from behind by Patrick Swayze while you playfully mould a clay pot’ safe, more the ‘I know for an absolute fact that I can expect quality of the highest order’ safe. In an industry that is, on reflection, positively cherubic in the grand scheme of modern business, being sure that a company within it will deliver 10/10 is a rare phenomenon. So this feeling of being ‘safe’ isn’t something to take for granted, and neither are Fast Buds themselves. Delivering a barrage of autoflowering classics seemingly at will, their eclectic range is filled with standouts that offer value to all breed of cannabis seed procurer, while also being united by a shining, incorrigible desire to deliver what is fast becoming the industry’s most prized commodity – autoflowering cannabis strains – at an absurdly high level of panache and quality. We’re a little bit in love with Fast Buds, our official Seed Bank Of The Month, if you can’t tell. We’re a little bit in love with Patrick Swayze’s turn in Ghost, too, but that probably deserves its own blog post.

Back to the THC-packed topic – Fast Buds recently released a bevy of new autoflowering cannabis strains, which is an automatic event of note by its very nature. Happily, this latest drop lives up to the hype and expectation we place on such an event, and we’re bound by duty to break down the intricacies of each strain and hopefully shine a light on which one is right for you.

Strawberry Gorilla Auto – A High Yielder Powered By Its Extraordinary 27% THC Content


Let us get our ‘hot take’ out of the way – we don’t just think Fast Buds’ Strawberry Gorilla Auto is one of the more exciting strains to drop recently, we think it’s one of the most exciting strains, period. Building on characteristically rigorous genetic selection, Fast Buds has managed to craft something that utilises the many pluses of its forbears, while also iterating and advancing in a multitude of ways. It’s a visually-arresting, creativity-stoking, resin-soaked behemoth with a deep assortment of terps that seem to fluctuate and mutate with every new inhalation. The high isn’t just a creative haven – it bombards you with intense waves of euphoria that radiate across your body, with purported medicinal benefits such as pain relief and appetite loss possible too. While your mileage may vary on whether or not bag appeal matters to you, it surely doesn’t hurt that Strawberry Gorilla Auto ticks that box with aplomb, too; a heady mix of hypnotically deep greens, dashes of purple and flecks of vibrant orange hair. We can go on about the ‘feel’ of this plant all we want, but the raw numbers are there too: yields measuring up to 600gr/m2 in as little as 10 weeks, the THC content totalling up to 27%, all starting for as little £11.50. A knockout across the board, Strawberry Gorilla Auto is about to blow up in a huge way, and here’s your chance to be an early-adopter.

Amnesia Zkittlez Auto – Tropical Terps & A Mind-Boggling Sativa High Make This A Must-Smoke


To some, the prospect of two utterly legendary genetics may prove daunting. To Fast Buds, it just seems like an opportunity to raise the stakes. When purchasing Amnesia Zkittlez Auto, it’s likely you’d have a preconceived expectation of quality based on that name alone, so with this one, Fast Buds had to, if anything, over-deliver. And right on cue, that’s exactly what they did. Offering up an auto gem packed with power, godly terps and a challenging, rewarding high, Amnesia Zkittlez Auto is a no brainer for those looking for something that is simultaneously familiar and fresh. Sativa-savants will be in heaven on the smoke alone; it’s an intense, cerebral one, with a wonderfully psychedelic bent that ensures your late-night smoke won’t just feel like a late-night smoke. The terps are equally enticing, a mouthwatering mix of tropical flavour notes, hits of pineapple, dashes of papya, lemon, mango, spice – it’s a journey in itself. Custom-made for smokers that are tired of the same old indica high, Amnesia Zkittlez Auto offers something a little different, something unique, without sacrificing the fundamentals that ensure a cannabis strain is worth spending hard-earned dollars on. Great THC content, fantastic yields, short flowering time, terps that never fail to disappoint.

Gorilla Punch Auto – A Visual Masterpiece With Unforgettable Terps And A Stunningly Short Flowering Time


Gorilla Punch Auto has WAY more going for it than the way it looks, but allow us to indulge for a second. It looks like it makes other plants stare at the floor. It looks like it emerged from the Earth bathed in a parcel of golden light to a heavenly chorus. It looks like it would be a crime to even dare to touch this holy creation with our grubby human hands, let alone pick it apart and smoke it. It looks fucking fantastic, basically. And the best part about it is that that is probably the least remarkable thing about Gorilla Punch Auto. We could go into that unusually short flowering time of 56-63 days. The fact that it still manages to offer a bountiful yield of 550gr/m2. The crowd-pleasing nature of its high, that gives exactly as much as you want from it – simultaneously a great option for a light, ‘still have to get shit done’ kind of day, while also still being capable of blowing your fucking socks off if you want it to. The borderline overwhelming texture of its gassy, arresting aroma. There’s a lot to fall in love with, and we feel like we’ve barely gotten started.

Banana Purple Punch Auto – One Of The Strongest Autoflowering Strains On The Market 


Quite simply one of the strongest autoflowers on the market, Banana Purple Punch Auto packs a lot more than just raw strength, and is a layered, complex strain we think will become a bonafide classic in the years to come. Purple Punch Auto hits all the marks we expect of a Fast Buds strain – it’s strong, it tastes heavenly, it flowers large and fast. But that broad picture, as much as it paints an accurate overall vision of supreme quality, still doesn’t do the strain justice. A monolithic, towering thing when grown correctly, it perhaps unsurprisingly conceals a knockout high within its dense nugs. Often likened to a sedative effect, its high is one that, to put in subtle terms, will kick you off the goddam planet, masterfully utilising its indica dominance. It’s hard to think of another strain that so effortlessly displays the soaring potential of a quality autoflowering strain; it’s even harder to think of any cannabis seed aficionado we wouldn’t recommend this to.

For Fast Buds entire range, click here. And FYI – we’re currently running a whopping *50%* off their entire range right now. Get in while the getting’s good.