Seed Bank Of The Month: Monster Genetics

Seed Bank Of The Month

Our three favourite strains from June's Seed Bank Of The Month, Monster Genetics

Monster Genetics produce comes with that exceedingly rare thing in e-commerce – an absolute guarantee of quality. Can you imagine strolling into Starbucks blazed out of your mind knowing you’re going to get a high-grade caramel frappucino, every single time? The guys at Monster take their craft as seriously as is humanly possible. They took a Dr Frankenstein approach to their commercial seed selection, picking the most choice strains known primarily for their speed and performance. Geared to satisfy discerning cultivators, the guys in Spain confidently assert the quality of their product, inviting all to put their product to the test. It was their approach and their wares that lead us to declaring Monster Genetics our Seed Bank Of The Month for June. Using code: monstergenetics, you can get 20% off their entire range. Along with the free seeds you’ll get with certain orders (details below). We picked our 3 go-to strains from their stall – it was like trying to pick a favourite child. 

1 Zkittlez

zkittlez by Monster Genetics

There’s an easily winnable argument to be had that Zkittlez is the hottest variation in the world right now. And Monster Genetic’s version of it just so happens to be amongst the best of the lot. Sporting a stunning sweet flavour and a zone-out, sedating effect that builds into an alert and creative crescendo. Zkittlez is as beautiful as it is potent and as potent as it is beautiful.

2 Gorilla Glue

Image for Gorilla Glue

Resin fanatic? Then Monster Genetic’s Gorilla Glue may well be your strain. Renowned for a frankly – wait for it – MONSTROUS level of resin production. We hold this plant in high regard, partly because of what we’ve just mentioned. And partly because it’s got these eye-catching icy crystals, a genuinely euphoric high and an easy cultivation period. 

3 Auto Bruce Banner

Auto version of Bruce banner

A sativa-dominant beauty, this strain sits amongst the elite of auto picks. It’s got a super body-wide high that levels out to a more manageable, zen, mellow feeling. Easy to grow and with killer visuals, this monster has a THC content that the Gamma scientist it’s named after would be proud of. 

Check out the rest of Monster Genetics’ stunning range here. Their entire range is 20% off for the month of June, plus you’ll get 2 free seeds with every 3 pack, 3 free seed with every 5 pack, and 4 free seeds with every 10 pack.