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Z Valley

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Z Valley


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At Positronics we are eager and looking forward to sharing with everyone the latest gem from the American West Coast. Thanks to the friendship that unites us with our illustrious friends of The Cali Connection we begin to work on some of the genetics that they possess. We decided to put the award-winning and well-known San Fernando Valley, the strain of its own selection, and the innovative and avant-garde Zkittlez into the cocktail shaker of effects and flavors., which provides a refreshing, fantastic and original bouquet desired by the most demanding. After cultivating, testing and stabilizing the offspring for three generations (the last phase with the breeding technique), we finally achieved a more erect and compact pattern, with a greater structure to be able to develop larger flower clusters with a higher caliber and final hardness. Its purple hues and its inherent and peculiar aroma have been preserved and maintained. Its acidic and sweet caramel flavor at the same time is an explosive mix of aftertastes, a delicatessen that we are sure will match your palates.

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Meditative, Relaxing, Powerful