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Wernard Express

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Wernard Express


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It started as a tribute to Wernard Bruining, a recognized pioneer in the cannabis sector, and a detail in a 1 seed promotion format to share with growers who visited us at numerous events and fairs, or continued to shop at their usual grows. With this objective in mind, we carry out a careful selection and development of two varieties that stand out for their great potency, among many other characteristics: Afghan Express and a clone highly acclaimed by us, the AK47, which gives it the sweet touch that makes you fall in love. So much so that, thanks to the demand generated by the good opinions and requests of the growers, we produced this Express variety, in 5-seed format and at a grateful modest price. Medium tall plant, with vigorous growth and homogeneous branching, It will be covered with compact and resinous flowers, giving off a soft but sweet smell, which will take you to the remarkable typical Skunk aroma. Easy to grow, it is not necessary to fertilize it much, since with a good substrate it will be enough for growth, but when the flowering time is reached, it is advisable to help it with the corresponding fertilizer.

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Relaxing, Powerful