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Sticky Dream Express

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Sticky Dream Express


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We present the new automatic variety, this new specimen gives us a plant with a large and robust structure, forming branches from the bottom up that will gradually cover themselves with medium-sized and compact flowers. With a large concentration of resin inherited from its parents GG # 4 and Blue Rhino, which makes it an EXPRESS with a very considerable effect, in addition to an exceptional odor. The selection is the result of a crossing SD # 13, with which we carry the development of this variety until we achieve the stability we were looking for.

Of a good growth, which will not generate many problems for the grower, since it usually grows very vigorously, it demands that the environment in which it is cultivated maintains a minimum of nutrients since it usually demands and accepts it very well, it is a small glutton. The aroma and flavor are earthy, strong and intense, with metallic nuances that dry the palate. Of considerable, fast and cerebral effect.

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Cerebral, Meditative, Relaxing