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Purple Domina Auto

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Purple Domina Auto


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Purple Domina Auto is a very fast Indica dominant automatic strain that contains Purple Kush and Black Domina genes. From germination to harvest she needs only 9 weeks. She is a really high yielder with 500g per m² indoors, outdoors you can expect up to 180g plant. She grows vigorously with a High main cola and a lot of side branches in the typical shape of an auto-feminized Indica. Purple Domina Auto is a very dark plant which shines towards the end of the flowering stage in magnificent dark purple tones. Purple Domina Auto has a very fruity aroma with High, earthy undertones. Her effects are long-lasting, a powerful full body stone with a stimulating clear headed high that goes perfectly with listening to your favourite music. The buds are dense, hard, and covered in a thick layer of resin. THC levels have been measured to be extremely high at 18 to 22% Its hardy nature means even beginner growers can pull yields that would make a commercial grower happy. Experienced smokers will love it for its extremely potent stone and complex flavour, while only having to wait 65 days to get it.

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Long Lasting, Body Stone

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