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Pineapple Glue

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Pineapple Glue


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Pineapple Glue Auto is a cross made from two auto-flowering strains that you will already have heard of, viz. Pineapple Auto and Gorilla Glue Auto. Growers can expect big yields, very high THC and a superb scent and flavour.

As with the majority of autos, this one grows well either indoors or outdoors finishing in 65 – 70 days irrespective of environment. It will reach a height of 100 cm. with short to medium-length inter-nodes providing plenty of side-branching. Smaller buds join up as they grow to form longer buds full of resin.

An easy-to-grow plant that adapts to virtually any growing environment and grows medium it requires no special treatment at all. Indoors yields of up to 550 gr/m2 are possible while each outdoor-grown plant can produce 150 gr. of dried buds.

An exotic aroma of tropical fruits, especially pineapples, is very noticeable. THC production is very high at 22% and the effect is strong and immediately euphoric before settling down into a more relaxed mode.

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