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L4yer Cake


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L4yer Cake regular cannabis seeds from T.H. Seeds are a new limited-edition cannabis strain release from this legendary Dutch seed bank and the genetics are quite remarkable.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid derives the 4 in its name due the fact that it is a 4-way cross of Birthday Cake x Zkittlez x Birthday Cake x Strawbanana. The resultant strain, L4yer Cake, is a terpene-infused festival of creamy fruit fusion that will appeal to fans of Zkittlez and other strains with extremely pronounced flavours.

L4yer Cake flowers in 9-10 weeks and legally operated test grows have shown strong, prolific plants with solid resin production and tight calyx structure. The trichome production and terpene profile here is also a perfect fit for exotic extraction artists.

This rare and exclusive strain is limited to just 100 packs worldwide, so this is sure to be a collector’s item.

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11 Seeds

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9-10 weeks

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