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Gorilla Blue


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You are facing a hybrid that you cannot miss. On the one hand, we have the genetics of Gorilla Glue # 4 that gets its name from the power of “sticking” that its trichomes have on the scissors when cutting. It was Marrdog who rescued this hybrid by cultivating various phenotypes, number 4 being the best of them. It has won several awards throughout its history, including the first places in the Michigan and Los Angeles Cannabis Cups in 2014 as well as the High Times World Cup in Jamaica. It is considered by many as a medical strain capable of relieving pain at the same time as it relaxes, hence the name is also considered to be reminiscent of literally “sticking” to the sofa.

On the other hand we have the DJ Short Blueberry, a name that comes from the famous DJ Short who searched for a robust Blueberry genetics throughout a spectacular trip through Central America and Southeast Asia. Thus, he found a variety with an incredible berry flavour and a simply unique sedative effect.

As a result of these two genetics, we have created our Gorilla Blue, a hybrid that combines the best virtues of both so that you will have in your hands huge and compact buds covered with a resin so sticky that it will leave you perplexed. A berry aroma and flavour with a unique relaxing effect.

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