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Bubble Banana Gum

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Bubble Banana Gum


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Watch your step with T.H.Seeds™’ BubbleBananaGum. This is some of the stickiest bud out there and will glue you to the floor and explode like a bubble! For this new strain we crossed our Original Bubblegum, well known for its sweet flavor and great resin production, with a perfect banana pudding f2 male. Selected for his structure, resistance, hard branches and smell. The result was exactly what we were looking for. From the structure to the flower density, smell and resin, we checked all the boxes.
The BubbleBananaGum from T.H.Seeds™ is medium sized with hard side branches, even the lower branches are hard to break. Many internodes and inside branches with good leaf to flower ratio. All testers were equal in size and all flowers were dense, but not too dense. The leaf ratio is nice for a plant that finishes between 54 and 58 days. BubbleBananaGum is easy to grow and topping can be a good idea to get multiple top flowers and clean the bottom of small growth. If you grow her out without manipulation, you will get a big tree with a great natural structure.
The flowers are dense and covered in resin, really sticky like glue or gum.The buds can be colored but they are mostly a vivid green. Easy to trim and easy to dry compared to other strains and perfect for making hash because of its sweet flavors and more than average return. She can be a little sensitive on a heavy nutritional program, so just give her the normal program without excess. She doesn’t need it anyway, you will get great results with a light to normal nutrients program.
BubbleBananaGum by T.H.Seeds™ tastes like a mix of banana and sweet candy bubblegum. The effects are really mellow, a good strain for during the day. Relaxing, enjoyable and great for social settings.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Pack Size

5 Seeds



Mellow, relaxing, enjoyable, social


Banana, sweet candy, bubblegum

Flowering Time

8 weeks




Bubblegum x Banana Pudding F2 Male



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