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Blessed By Banana

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Blessed By Banana


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Blessed by Banana is one of our newest strains from Grateful Seeds that comprises part of their Original edition range.

The mother is the Strawberry Banana (bred by DNA Genetics) that Grateful Seeds hit with the pollen from their infamous keeper male of the 26mm (bred by In-House Genetics) that has become known for its insane resin production.

Blessed by Banana shines & shimmers bright like the night sky littered with stars thanks to the heavy coating of trichome glands that litter the plant; consequently, she packs hefty resin yields. Blessed By Banana is the progeny of 2 very vigorous and productive genetics that will no doubt surprise you with both the production and quality of resin as well as the yield! The trichome heads will swell really large in this strain, with the larger heads being up to 120u.

Blessed by Banana packs a super exotic terpene profile that is strong with a gassy banana taste and sweet candied Z terps that reek of that infamous candy hit! These genetics are sure to impress thanks to the strong growth characteristics and resistance that make this strain the perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor growing and is also not a difficult strain for legal growers to achieve great results with. Additionally, in their last collaborations with their friends, who are wizards in static dry sift production (@__dochazed__ & @heavy_resin) have achieved insane results of 15% of 99% static dry heads with these genetics.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm
Pack Size

6 Seeds

Flowering Time

8-9 weeks


Strawberry Banana x 26mm

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