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Auto Purple Skunk Mass

Auto Purple Skunk Mass


This Beautiful, connoisseur quality strain incorporates superior Big Bud Auto genetics with our mighty Monster Mass and a musky and sweet Lavender



As with the photoperiod version (one of our top-selling hybrids), yields are always rock hard and absolutely pristine. Trichomes flood the entire plant leaving it caked in silver ice set off by the crimson and tangerine colour hairs. The purple pheno is even rarer than the photoperiod version but, again, the name is mainly focused on its grapey, musky smell and taste which are what also make this a premium Auto and a must-have smoke. It finishes medium/tall but stocky, with one main chunky cola crowded by the lower branches, with a swollen mass of numerous bud sites along the flanking branches. Once it starts to flower it produces dense flower clusters very rapidly which again makes it less prone to certain problems indoor and out and will leave the air heavy with a dank fruity skunk aroma. All in all this 5 star Auto will provide a memorable growth for both first-time cultivators, experienced farmer or veteran breeder!

SMELL: As with the photoperiod version…Buds have a sublime resinous smell, strong hash and licorice all the way mixed with grape and lavender but this time with enhanced musky notes. ​ 

TASTE: Super-Intense hash flavor with hints of citrus. Passion fruit, licorice and sweet caramel can all be noted too especially on the exhale. A complementing mix of sweet, sour and earthy hash. 

EFFECT: A medicinal Indica hard hitter, the effects are exceptionally relaxing and sedative but also very heady with a positive giggly high…like high-quality Nepalese Temple ball. ​

BAG APPEAL: Buds are of the highest caliber and she will provide the most noxious aroma that we feel also counts towards the appeal of this strain. Lime green, mauve and turquoise hues that sparkle will ensure this bags a head turner!

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