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Auto Monster Breath




SMELL: A loud, aggressive savory quality to the nose on this beastly Auto…full on Skunk stench with hints of sour citrus and Vomit mingled with Earthy soil and wet dog. OK, it doesn’t sound pretty but, trust us, it is sure-fire classic Skunk/Cheese on steroids.

TASTE: ​Much like the noxious aroma, the taste is a deep, Skunky, Cheesy funk but with hints of sweeter lime and earthy floral notes. The Lavender in the Purple Skunk Mass used balances and levels the taste of the RKS into a beautiful example of this version of a monster Skunk.

EFFECT: Effects are immediate and come on strong. Being an Indica dominant strain expect a narcotic, full-body melt ebbing into a long-lasting sedative stone. A Perfect nighttime strain, it promotes deep sleep with excellent pain relief and appetite stimulation, so great for medical use.

BAG APPEAL: Buds are medium in size and density and glow with a light, slime green, sometimes streaked with purple and orange and covered in pale yellow hairs. Caked in frost this is a quintessential skunk with an amped-up edge. All levels of aesthetics, smell and taste are next level.

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1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

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Critical Mass Collective

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Flowering Time

8-10 weeks

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Long-lasting, Pain Relieving, Phyical KO, Sedating





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