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The Best Sativa Dominant Strains For Inspiring Creativity

Marijuana can do many things, and its list of uses – both recreational and practical – grows every single day. While it’s common knowledge that lighting and then inhaling the burnt vapours that come from the plant can result in some pretty funky times, many people still don’t know just how effective cannabis can be in other areas. For those that don’t know (or those that need a refresher after that 6th bong rip separated you from conscious thought) the genetic characteristics of each seed can affect its performance. Indica and sativa are the two most prominent variations of the cannabis plant. And while hybrids make up the majority of the market, those that have dominant genetics of either type offer special idiosyncrasies.

Sativas tend to be more motivating and cerebral, at least in our books, and so that’s what the focus is on today. These strains are perfect for a variety of situations. Last-minute study sessions where drive without sacrificing clarity is paramount, chilled out marathons that require sharp focus over extended periods. Basically, whenever you’re in a situation where added concentration wouldn’t go amiss, these strains might make the difference. Just remember not too smoke too much, still. It’s still weed.

Strawberry Lemonade by Barney’s Farm

Strawberry Lemonade

Barney’s description of their genuinely sensational Strawberry Lemonade reads like Mr Wonka loquaciously penned it himself: ‘… a strain that makes nostrils fizz, tastebuds explode and brains bubble’. While we don’t quite agree with the frankly terrifying Dahl-esque descriptions of this particular strain, their more restrained remarks on its sativa-led positives are bang on the money. This is a strain that seems to imbue you with so much energy you’ll wonder where the fuck it seems to be hiding in your day-to-day life. It’s a genuinely uplifting high, one that displays the best that sativas have to offer. By not only offering bursts of energy but sustained periods of mental acuity, it’s a must-recommend for anyone looking for extra oomph when it comes to study sessions.

Lemon O.G. Kush by DNA Genetics

Lemon OG Kush

Lemon O.G. Kush by the mad scientists over at DNA Genetics does a lot of things really well. It’s got great underlying genetics, a taste profile that is worth the price of admission alone, and delivers on the medicinal front, too. It’s the latter one that we value most when it comes to recommending this as a study aid. With reported benefits to patients with severe illness, appetite stimulation and overall relaxation, this strain is one that will indirectly help periods of serious focus. What we mean by that is while it’s not the most energising or stimulating in the traditional sativa sense, the calm and mental wellbeing it invokes will aid you nonetheless.

Amnesia (Autoflowering) Bulk Seeds by Chosen Seeds

Amnesia Autoflower

Go ahead and accuse us of nepotism or favouritism because we’re choosing one of our own babies, we don’t care. No, we very much do care what you think, please stop being mean. Obvious bias aside, we genuinely believe that Amnesia strains in general, and specifically our bulk version, are the absolute perfect study bud-dies for a multitude of reasons. Its effects are vintage sativa, with enhanced mental clarity to an insane degree, and a nice wedge of euphoria thrown in for good measure, too. The uplifting effects actually dovetail perfectly with the mentally invigorating properties, creating a resin-spiked cocktail of motivated focus that we treasure.

Auto Fro-Yo by G13 Labs

Auto Fro-Yo

Auto Fro-Yo has rather a lot going for it. You’ll find a plant that, first and foremost, looks astounding, boasting unforgettable purple-tinged buds that glisten like that big ball of cheese in the sky on the reflection of a lake. Its parentage consists of two cup winners, so mum and dad certainly deserve a shout-out. Its taste profile and flowering time are both fantastic too, but its the effects that intrigue us most, which is notable because of the strength of the package (that’s what she said, etc.). G13 praise its invigorating, cerebral high, and creative properties, both of which we can attest to. You’ll find that you’re hit by sudden bursts of creative spirit, motivating you to not only finish your tasks, but finish them in exciting and unexpected ways. Especially recommended for anyone finishing or starting art projects, Auto-Fro-Yo is an auto-inclusion in this list.

Purple Haze Auto by Original Sensible Seeds 

Purple Haze Auto

We expected a strain named after the legendary Jimi Hendrix song to offer a serious amount of creative juice, and luckily, we weren’t disappointed. Dreamt up by cannabis seed connoisseurs Original Sensible Seeds, Purple Haze is as legendary as they come, and this auto version continues that tradition of excellence. A strain that lives and dies on its energetic, soaring high, its applications for studying or creative endeavours are pretty much unmatched. Its peak seems to last for hours and there’s also a decent amount of body load to keep you calm and relaxed even while busting out extended periods of activity. Throw in its other significant benefits in the growing areas and you’ve got yourself a keeper, one that you’ll come back to time and time again.

Thanks for checking out our list of a few of the best cannabis seed study aids. For a list of our best recent autos, click here. For the entirety of our written collection, use this one.

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