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Seed Review: Super Glue (Anesia Seeds)

Sometimes in the cannabis industry a strain will simply announce itself. It will suddenly be everywhere – mentioned by friends, discussed excitedly on forums, appearing in your dreams etc. It will have this almost unquantifiable presence – it will just seem to have arrived, to have entered the cannabis consciousness – and everyone else seems to have already tried it and adored it. Super Glue is that plant.

It’s really not hard to see why it has such appeal. Anesia Seeds’ interpretation of the plant boasts a complex and earthy colour profile, it’s hard to pick a favourite aspect of the plant: there’s the woody aroma with the sweet berry tang, the impressive clusters, and the myriad potential medicinal benefits. But our favourite thing (and the reason we think this plant has more buzz than an all-night rave) is the stone. Oh lord, it’s the stone.

The name might just give away what Super Glue has in store for you – it’s insanely fast acting, likely to send you to the couch within minutes – but with feelings of calm, tranquility, in body and mind. The interesting part comes when it starts to fire up the creative, imaginative parts of the lumpy grey thing in your head – it’s been said to open up pathways and trains of thought that might have otherwise remained unexplored. A unique high for a unique and wildly popular plant… Super Glue is the future.

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