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Seed Review: Ripper Seeds’ New Range


DO-G by Ripper Seeds. A sumptuous cross between White Fire OG (Wifi #43) and a reversion of Do-si-dos, this strain, when smoked, seems to explode in your mouth, assaulting your little tastebuds with tones of earth, sourness and fuel. This monster is quick flowering, blessed with kaleidoscopic crystals and a high that is both relaxing, and fucking strong. A product with a lot of bark, but also with the bite to match.


They say three’s a crowd. Well, whoever ‘they’ are – hasn’t sampled Chempie. A melding of Cherry Pie x Chemdawg x Do-Si-Dos very much lives up to the word ‘threesome’, offering high production and a beautiful, understated colour profile. A strong social buzz tops this magical triple hybrid off.

Brain Cake

Gives new meaning to the phrase ‘food for thought.’ Ripper Seeds’ Brain Cake is generating buzz, and for good reason – lovingly raised by Face-Off OG and OGKB, it promises to be a favourite of interesting flavour lovers everywhere. Throws out dark tones and purple colouring at low temperatures and the end of flowering, Brain Cake provides a potent and intoxicating high.