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Snow Moon

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Snow Moon


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Snow Moon is a vigorous and tasty hybrid hashplant with indica indicative of Pakistan and China. It combines 2 excellent elite hash plants from our genetic library: the famous Pakistan Chitral Kush abode 2002 and our best parental indica phenotype from China Yunnan, from our hybrid Orient Express. Snow Moon presents 2 equally frequent main phenotypes. On the one hand we have the ‘white’ hay, with greater influence of China Yunnan hashish plant, more organic, earthy aromas and moist forest. This mature hay produces a thick, resplendent layer of resin on the nearby flowers and leaves, which gives it that snowy appearance reminding us of the best expressions of the white family of the 90s. On the other hand we have the hay ‘mora’, of obvious Pakistani influence, which produces flowers of beautiful purple colours and reddish tones, releasing when ripening a sticky and sweet resin with aromas of fruit chewing gum. Both hays produce indica plants of a remarkable quality, with a warm psychoactivity, pleasant and cheerful, always deep and sweet aromas. Hashish from this variety is exceptional. Since 2007 we have experimented with different combinations of Pakistan Chitral and China Yunnan, until finding the best possible combinations between these 2 classic indicas of our catalog.

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